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4/23/13 3:46 P

applebee's shrimp and creamy rice...550 cals, tons of proteins and letting stay within my calories, despite my hubby's need to eat french fries out! of the house!

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4/23/13 1:25 P



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4/23/13 12:28 P

All it takes to be successful at restaurants is knowledge and restraint. :) Knowing what you're getting is half the battle, EVEN when you don't have nutrition information available! You know that deep-fried is probably going to be higher calorie than something sauteed, that veggies are better than fries... making the right choices can turn a guilt-ridden binge into an enjoyable meal where you're enjoying the company, the food, and NOT kicking yourself for "ruining" your efforts!

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
4/23/13 11:30 A

CHili's has a light menu that is fantastic too! I enjoy eating out. Not daily, really, but whenever the mood strikes and we can swing it.

I always check online first, to see if their menu (and nutrition info) is online. If it is, that is how I usually know what to order. It really helps me plan ahead!

If they don't have nutrition info, I really look at the menu. There are many things that you can eat that are in ranges, and so delicious! You just have to keep learning about food, and obviously, if you care about your health you want to!!!

Great job! I don't think 2 calories makes that much of a difference. Heck, taking a few extra steps could have burned that off!!!

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4/23/13 9:37 A


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4/23/13 9:10 A

I didn't know how easy it was to make changes when you go out to eat. I went to Chili's a couple of weeks ago with co-workers and ordered half a sandwich lunch combo. I asked for no mayo, wheat bread, add mustard and instead of fries I ordered broccoli. I was pleased with my changes and left feeling good and not guilty.

RICHNJEN2001 Posts: 19
4/23/13 8:15 A

I ate out twice yesterday - a very rare occurrence because we never eat out, it is too expensive. But I was at one-day conference for work yesterday, and so was forced to find a healthy eat-out experience. My friend and I got very lucky, and discovered a brand new restaurant in downtown Chicago (Local Root in Streeterville) that offered organic, locally grown menu items. We both had a beet and goat cheese salad to die for!

In the evening, my dinner plans changed (it is a long story, not important) and circumstances had me and my husband and daughter at a small "shack" near our home called Don's Dock, a roadside shop famous for fried seafood. Uh oh. However, by closely examining the menu, I found I could skip the fried clam strips (that was SO HARD, I tell you) and opt for grilled herb scallops, wild rice and steamed veggies. Guess what? Not only were BOTH meals delicious, but when I got home and tracked my calories, I was only 2 over my 1640 limit. Oh, yeah! And I was so pleasantly full from dinner I didn't even feel the need to snack last night.

So look at the menu, make the right choices, and enjoy eating out once in a while!

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