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8/22/13 11:18 A

wow! thanks for the great advice, everyone. It never occurred to me to adjust my limits for the day within the maintenance guidelines. I'm going to play around with a few ideas and see how it works for me. I know i've gained a lot of muscle, in my arms and legs especially. My problem area is my belly. I have noticeable belly fat and it's a constant battle. I'm not sure what to do to slim my belly down.

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8/22/13 9:56 A

Bodies don't generally care about what the clock says - they process calories the same way regardless of time. Set your schedule of meals to what works the best for you, and what leaves you feeling the best.

Since you're so close to your goal weight, and work a very physical job, I would suggest that you get your actual body fat percentage checked (not with one of the scales, which are notoriously inaccurate, but by a certified trainer who can do a caliper test) and see if this is a case where a BMI chart is going to be irrelevent because you already have a higher percentage of muscle. If this is the case, then losing more weight would mean losing muscle which wouldn't be a good thing.

If you're still at a higher body fat percentage than you want, and you still want to lose, I'd suggest that you first review your expectations. With so little to lose, it's safer (and more likely) that the rate is going to slow to 1/4 to 1/2lb per week while following the Spark ranges.

I'd also be wondering if your ranges are set a bit too low for your active jobs. You might want to try eating in "maintenance" range for a month or so and see if the additional calories allow your body to respond by building more muscle and losing some fat.

Finally, even though you do physical jobs, it's a good idea to have some other scheduled exercise that is different from what you do every day. Our bodies get very efficient at doing what they usually do, and shaking things up (add heavy weight lifting, for example, or add cycling or swimming) can really make a difference.

Hope this gives you some ideas!

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8/22/13 9:50 A

You could definitely try a change in routine, but looking at your weight ticker, you only have about 7 pounds to lose, so you're going to see a lot slower of a weight loss than if you had, say, 37 pounds to lose.

In the end though, it is about calories in vs. calories out. If you're eating a big dinner regardless of what time it is, and you're over in calories, then you won't lose the weight.

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8/22/13 9:02 A

My husband and I work until about 11pm. We have very physical, strenuous jobs. When we come home, after working, obviously we are hungry. We have tried eating light meals, consisting of fish and veggies, or some other lean protein with veggies...but, neither of us are losing much weight at all. Any suggestions? What can we do? We talked last night about changing our routine...where we have a big breakfast, a protein packed lunch (before work) and possibly just a light, lean snack after work rather than a dinner. Thoughts? Suggestions...PLEASE!!!

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