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7/26/12 12:11 A

i'm deathly allergic to peanut butter as of a year ago. I could eat it with no problems before that and now my throat closes up and if it even touches my skin i get giant welts the size of golf balls. It stinks because every yummy looking healthy recipe has peanut butter, its so discouraging.

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7/24/12 12:29 P

I am not deathly allergic to anything but I am slightly allergic to most fresh fruits and veggies. If I eat something like watermelon (which I love) my throat gets super itchy. It makes eating healthy hard. I have found that if I eat cooked fruits or veggies then the problem goes away. But cooked watermelon isn't something I really want to try. Try eating fruits before you go to a special event so that you get your serving in without getting a rash.

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1/30/12 5:28 P

I have many, many food allergies. I have to eat before I go out. Then it takes self control to just say no to the foods I like but can't eat. emoticon

1/19/12 3:24 P

While I don't have severe food allergies like those who have peanut allergies, I am allergic strawberries. Thankfully when I do have a reaction it's not to the severity where an EPI Pen is required but I do have a severe rash breakout. I find it difficult at times when I go out or am at a meeting w/catered food to eat healthy because more often than not the fresh fruit available is loaded with strawberries.

Does anyone else with food allergies have this problem and if so any pointers to give?

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