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Thank you so much, I'll definitely check these out

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I'm in recovery from anorexia, purge type. This past November marks 1 full year of being bulimia (and other types of purging) free.

I go to nutritional counseling and I have to track EVERYTHING on paper. I am not allowed to count calories just serving sizes.

I printed out the FOOD LOG from this site and my N and therapist MODIFIED it and let me use it. (It has a column for the behaviors used after eating B.,P., R.)

There are some sites that provide food logs for people who want to recover from bulimia (kind of like sparks), but they aren't free.


I know that getting help is really expensive and scary, but I wasn't able to get better on my own. I really encourage you to seek out help.

Some churches provide free counseling (that is not faith based). The counselors are usually college (master level) students who are supervised.

Here's a good site for support:


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I would suggest that you talk to your therapist. Does your therapist want you to be tracking your food intake, since it appears that you are in an "active phase" currently with the bulimia? I am sure the therapist has other therapy techniques for you to be using.

This site, our members and our experts are not able to provide you the assistance you need.
Are you working with a therapist??

SP Dietitian Becky

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Hello! I'm rather new to this site and I joined because I want to lose weight, yes, but also I joined mostly to track my eating. The last month or so I haven't been able to will myself to eat much and when I do if it's too large I end up throwing it up. I've had bulimia for almost four years now and it comes in phases, rather badly up recently.

The real question I'm wondering is how should I track my food with my eating disorder? I only eat about one or two 'meals' a day and I don't know how to go about tracking 'Okay, so I had half a bowl of soup but threw it back up ten minutes later' Should I just take it off the tracker?

Any help would be wonderful, thank you.

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