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Eating Clean on Weight Watchers

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5/15/13 11:14 A

get their 'power foods' list and go with that.
It has mostly clean (whole) foods, and not the processed junk that is produced with the WW name on it.

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5/11/13 7:01 P

What is a plant based diet. I think I've been reading too much. Just read "Omni Diet" and I don't even know what some of those ingredients are I'm supposed to put in that blender in the morning! I don't have $100 a week to spend on organic food either. I've tried WW and lost about 35 lbs, but have gain that back plus 15 more. Trying to eat "real" or "clean" or whatever, but very bored having salad and chicken breast everyday. I agree that different diets work for different people, but I think that changes with health.

Posts: 12,387
5/11/13 1:41 P

I'm torn between saying, "Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" and defending WW a little.

If you're happy and healthy and getting results with SparkPeople, I don't see much of an advantage in switching and having to learn a whole new system, especially when you have to pay for it and the new system isn't as precise as what you're already using.

That said, I think WW is a fabulous option for a lot of people. Points are easier to understand than balancing calories and nutrient grams, and the word "points" itself has a psychological bonus; it makes you think of rewards and fun. Making veggies and fruits zero points helps people who get resentful if they have to "spend" their points/calories on healthy foods. We get a lot of those here, and here they tend to quit if they can't change their mindset.

IMHO, the processed foods come from a similar place. My mom was on WW (and put us kids on it) way, way back in the day, when WW was still almost a non-profit, before Pillsbury bought it. Back then it was basically the diabetic exchange diet, and you weren't allowed *any* sort of sugar or snack foods. There were no end of recipes where you put together a fruit, an egg serving, a piece of bread, and half a milk serving to try to make muffins or cake (with SugarTwin, the only readily-available artificial sweetener back then.) Or you would bake green beans with spices until they turned hard and pretend they were like potato chips. Needless to say, it was pretty hard to stick to. So they started making just a few commercial foods. I think "ice cream" was one of the first. And you know what? It really did help, knowing you could occasionally have a treat without thinking you were "cheating."

With SparkPeople, you have to figure out how to work the less-healthy foods into your plan. That's a big challenge for some people. Either they think they have to be perfect or they decide they'll just eat whatever as long as they stay within their calorie range. With WW, the fact that they make those foods helps the overly strict realize that there are compromise versions of "forbidden" foods, whether they buy them or not, and for the "point hoarders," if they eat nothing but WW junk food, that's still a little better than eating nothing but regular junk food.

I don't think WW in any way keeps you from eating clean. But I also think it's extra work, because if you're doing all unprocessed foods, you have to calculate points yourself, which is an extra step. You have to know calories to calculate points, so you might as well just count the calories.

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5/11/13 10:22 A

My mom is on weight watchers. I don't necessarily like the program but she's doing really well with it - down almost 25 pounds so far. She doesn't eat any of the weight watchers food - she makes her own food, measures and weighs everything (that counts as points at least) and eats lots of fruits and veggies.

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Posts: 771
5/10/13 5:18 P

GRAMCRACKER, I don't go to meetings. I've had several bad leaders and gave that up long time ago. I used to do Weight Watchers online and had great success but gave it up when I could no longer afford the monthly fee. I know the rules, I know how to do portion control, I track my food and exercise so I do it myself. But I still go to the website and the Recipe Board because I love to get and share new recipes.

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Posts: 1,092
5/10/13 11:34 A

I envy those of you who do WW and have positive helpful meeting leaders. I haven't come across one for about 30 years and gave up. Also, now that I am retired I hate having to be somewhere at a certain time and prefer to do it at home. I am still on a very positive WW board for seniors and I find my help and encouragement there....and here.

SparkPoints: (19,069)
Fitness Minutes: (1,818)
Posts: 771
5/10/13 9:51 A

Courtney L said it best. I have been a member of Weight Watchers since the 70's and have had great success with their programs. I never found them to push their food brands on you or encourage you to eat their frozen dinners. In fact, I rarely eat them. I cook healthy meals all of the time. The WW site has a great board titled Recipe Review. I'm there usually every day, posting recipes, giving advice, answering questions. I have discovered many, many healthy recipes from the ladies/gents that post there. It's a great board with very friendly people. I have also found great recipes here too. I am no longer a WW paying member so I don't have access to their E-Tools but I love the food tracker here and yes, I still do track the WW Points Plus values of my food.

Posts: 5,070
5/10/13 9:09 A

I too was a WW member many times. I lost weight, i felt great, i liked the meetings because it was face to face and it was harder to lie or make excuses.

I stopped going when I felt belittled. I had just changed to a plant based diet and was doing well. When the leader would ask about celebrations, i would raise my hand and say my weight loss. After the second time, she started making excuses for my weight loss. She would say in a snide tone, she only eats fruits and veggies. And she did push the 100 calorie packs a lot. She also pushed hungry girl, but then she would turn to me and say that I probably wouldn't use the recipes because of my food choices.

I went because I liked the meeting aspect.
Yes, you can eat clean on the WW plan.

Posts: 14,616
5/10/13 8:14 A

I have never consumed any of the prepackaged WW foods, and my leader/receptionists have never pushed them. In fact, we spend at least five minutes of our weekly meeting time talking about the importance of eating whole foods, even with the WW products on the shelves behind us!

As for the difference between WW and SP, I think that's personal choice, but I do agree that the face-to-face meetings at WW are so helpful, and I really agree with the posts that explain how important it is to attend the new member meetings/understand that the healthful guidelines don't mean a free-for-all when it comes to fruits and vegetables.

SP gives me a great daily reminder of what I'm working toward, and I've made some virtual friends here. But WW is my lifeline to sanity with how much I eat, how healthfully I eat and how much I move my body.

I don't think it has to be either/or. For me, at least, both move me forward toward my goals.

Best of success to you!

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Posts: 1,092
5/10/13 7:39 A

True DRAGONCHILDE that "clean" eating can mean different things to different people. For me it means that the ingredients label (if it's not whole food) has nothing offensive to me. And I only find a few boxed, bagged, processed foods that don't offend me. However, I have been known to eat a few "offensive" things from time to time.

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Posts: 57
5/9/13 6:32 P

I was on w/w numerous time where this site really is better in my opinion. It has the guidelines to show you where your going wrong and what your doing right every you can adjust what you are doing in order to become healthy with out having to purchase any certain brands to get there.
It has helped me to be able to see the charts and daily feed backs,that makes me really pay attention to what I'm doing every day and hold myself accountable!!!

Allie emoticon

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Posts: 9,588
5/9/13 4:26 P

I have never done weight watchers, but I've talked to my aunt a LOT about it. She's NOT the kind of person to buy pre-processed anything, ever. She just uses the points, and makes her own food! WW is about the points... not the products. If you choose to buy the products (I like their ice creams) then it's super easy to translate into points, but you don't have to.

"Clean eating" isn't really a term that is easily applied, since it means different things to different people. I've seen it applied to organic only, no processed, or even no meat. Most people mean "no processed." Just skip the processed food, and use the recipes! There's tons of those online.

Posts: 56
5/9/13 4:26 P

I have been to different WW meeting off and on for the last 15 years or so and have never had a leader 'push' their products. They try to teach you about nutrition and portion control as a lifestyle.

Posts: 56
5/9/13 4:26 P

I have been to different WW meeting off and on for the last 15 years or so and have never had a leader 'push' their products. They try to teach you about nutrition and portion control as a lifestyle.

Posts: 56
5/9/13 4:26 P

I have been to different WW meeting off and on for the last 15 years or so and have never had a leader 'push' their products. They try to teach you about nutrition and portion control as a lifestyle.

Posts: 323
5/9/13 4:09 P

It is very much possible to do weight watcher without ever touching one single weight watcher product, artificial product, processed food, or what ever else.

So many people have such a misunderstanding of weight watchers because they either 1) Don't take time to read the materials that they get at the first meeting 2) They didn't stay after for the "NEW Member" session or 3) The leader is a very bad leader, and didn't take time to point out the 8 good health guidelines or worse 4) They assume things about the plan, never done weight watchers, or read anything about it, just going based on hear say, and think because they see weight watcher products in the store that's basically what it is all about. Totally different from nutrisystem for example. Weight watchers never force you to buy their products.

If people fulfilled their 8 good health guidelines it leaves very little room for junk. If you are doing points then the good health guidelines should use up a good bulk of your points.

Also, weight watchers emphasize the power foods which is the foods that have the green check marks. Most of the power foods is real/clean foods.

Also, there is a weight watcher plan that so many people don't know about or just forget about it's called Simply Filling it is very identical to clean eating. Basically on Simply Filling you don't count points. You still get your weekly 49 "Bonus" points allowance where you can use on foods that is not part of the Simply Filling list which is the power foods the green checked marks.

I fell off the wagon but I did I lose weight when I was on weight watchers.

Sure this board is free but some people like the meeting aspect. For some people they struggle to lose weight but meetings truly help SOME people.

I wish there was a meeting in my area that fit into my schedule but they don't so I can't go to meetings.

Posts: 50
5/9/13 2:31 P

My MIL is doing WW right now and mostly eating whole foods. She has a wheat sensitivity, which eliminates a lot of the frozen meals and 100-calorie snack packs. She's lost about 15 pounds so far and feels good. I think that WW appeals more to hear than sparkpeople because she feels like she's following a program. The points gives her guidelines and I think she needs a bit of hand-holding right now. I'm not sure she trusts herself to figure things out on her own yet - even with the food tracker.

She does rave about the 0 point fruits and veggies - including bananas,which at 100 calories has me scratching my head a bit.

Edited by: TRINCHICK at: 5/9/2013 (14:32)

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5/9/13 2:20 P

First, I will start out by saying, I have a very special affinity to weight watchers because my mother was a leader for many years.

Clean eating is very possible on Weight Watchers! I remember when we first did it in 1995, that is all there was. They were just beginning to come out with the frozen meals, but they were too expensive, so we relied on real, whole foods. You don't have to eat "their food" to lose weight. Quite the contrary! Although, I will admit I have a few of their dinners stashed in the freezer at work in case I forget my lunch, and there are a few in my home freezer for when I am just having "one of those" days!

Yes, veggies and fruits are 0 points, however, you have to remember that it is not an all you can eat buffet. Stay within "healthy guidelines" which is 3 servings of veggies and 2 servings of fruit. I think If you do that, you will be right where you need to be. In fact, your leader should have made it a point to let you know that.

What I like best about WW is the meetings. I love Spark - it offers a great network of information and support, but with WW it is face to face. I know for me, sometimes I need face to face interaction.

I think the best thing to do is to give it a try and see what you think. I used both sites to track and it was very interesting to see the similarities and differences.

Best of luck my friend!!

SparkPoints: (27,226)
Fitness Minutes: (13,388)
Posts: 1,092
5/9/13 2:06 P

The processed and fake food was a big problem for me too when I was a WW. Especially the WW brand of foods. I didn't learn about clean eating and whole foods until I joined SP. WW says they know the science of weight loss so you don't have to. Seems poor to me.

I never tried tracking clean food on WW but you can give it a try. Be careful though because I think they still says fruits and vegetables are free. My WW friend who is successful still gives them a point value.

I also know WW friends who track here and maybe there too for comparison. Good luck to you and let us know how it goes.

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Posts: 689
5/9/13 1:37 P

My only thought is... Weight Watchers costs money, this is free... why join another site and pay for the same stuff you get here (or rather, not even as good as what you get here)? It looks as if Spark has been working for you just fine. :)

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Posts: 6
5/9/13 1:32 P

Hi all,

I joined weight watchers last night and I figure I'll try it out for a month. I've lost 27 lbs since November by trying to eat clean, watch my portions, and exercising. I really like this approach - and I find it is well supported on sparkpeople.

With WW, however, I feel that they really push "fake" foods. Lots of sugar substitutes, low-fat junk, etc. I'm much more of the mind set that I'd rather have an itty bitty morsel of real chocolate ice cream than a 100 calorie pack of flattened, fake cookies. I feel like they make it very hard to eat "real foods," and are instead pushing their WW products.

Anyone have any tips on trying to maintain clean living while not racking up the points? Or should I just quit and stick with SparkPeople? (I've been tracking food on both apps.)

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