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NANCYPAT1 Posts: 50,594
7/23/14 9:58 A

welcome - you are doing great!

With love and caring from Nancy ... wishing all of you a wonderful, blessed, and precious day.

BABECAVE Posts: 1,537
7/23/14 12:28 A

I used to have major problems with staying Motivated... until recently I discover that Motivation does not last at all... Motivation comes and goes... but what I have found that sticks more than Being Motivated is "Reasons" if you have Reasons... that is something that can out grow more on the soul... Everyone has some kind of reason to keep going... and since I thrown motivation out of the door... I stick with having reasons... and that is keeping me going for longer now... Hope that this helped a little... *Smiles*

Don't Look Back... Your not going that way anymore... (Go Forward)

Worrying is not worth it... It's like walking around with an umbrella and waiting for it to rain...

If you keep good food around in your fridge... you will eat good food...

I Don't count my sit-ups... I only start counting them when it starts hurting... Because those are the only ones that count...

Go with the Serving Size recommended nutrition label...
LOAD3D Posts: 25
7/22/14 7:41 P

Bascially since November I have been eating clean barely any cheating while my husband has been deployed and while taking care of our 2 year and still making it to the gym everyday . How do you guys stay motivated ??

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