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12/19/12 1:23 P

if you have blood sugar problems cheerios are one of the WORST cereals to have...
I took a wonderful class given by a dietitian. i dont have diabetes, but the doctor she works for runs a VERY successful weight loss clinic and has tons of books out..runs the weight loss program for 2 very large and well known hospitals in NYC and is highly respected by all his peers.
his theory, and it makes that you want to keep your sugar levels as level as possible during the day. you can lose weight when they drop too low and you cant lose weight when they spike..but if you can keep then level you WILL lose. it really works. so, there is no measuring, just going by your hunger levels..and it ONLY works if you keep your blood sugar stabilized not dipping and spiking.
following the sparkplan keeps your blood sugar stable. so does this plan..and one of the MOST important meals is breakfast. most fruits work (i dont eat bananas as they spike sugar, but they are good for you..i was told if i do have one to go by serving size, which is half a banana--so i'd rather have a whole cup of berries to fill me up) i was shocked to see that cheerios and raisin bran were no nos. you are looking for foods that will keep you full and provide good sparkpeople advocates, peanut butter was one god protein, . combine it with an apple (core the apple and fill it with peanut butter..this also makes a great snack at work..i keep a knife with me and when you slice the apple it has peanut butter in the center!! nice surprise!!) and you have a great, filling breakfast.
I found that when i follow the simple eating rules, i am NEVER hungry...its kind of amazing!!!

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12/19/12 12:17 P

cheerios and skim milk

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12/19/12 1:12 A

Breakfast is important to success. I usually have cottage cheese and fruit with some walnuts. Or kashi cereal with fruit and again, a tablespoon of nuts(walnuts for me!!!)
Peanut butter on apples or bananas are good.
Hard boil some eggs and have one or 2 wIth a slice of whole grain bread, some fruit and a cup of herbal tea!
Sometimes I melt a slice of muenster cheese on a slice of whole grain toast. Quick and yummy!!
Have some protein to help keep you full
If nothing else try a Lara bar..high protein taste good and they are pretty healthy!!

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12/18/12 9:16 P

Do you eat breakfast? If so, what do you have?

I didn't have breakfast today. I tend to skip breakfast when I'm not working because I'm busy doing other things. I realize this isn't healthy, but since I am just beginning, I'm going to celebrate my successes and work on the things that need to be worked on.

I most generally have breakfast when I'm at work, because we have a full kitchen. I like to have eggs for breakfast. How do you keep yourself from starving by about ten? What do you snack on to get you through until lunch?

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