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MIPALADY23 Posts: 1,191
4/14/11 8:13 P

I need to eat something about an hour before working out, any closer and I feel sick. emoticon

IILAAD65 Posts: 4,504
4/14/11 8:06 P

I prefer first thing in the morning.. no food.

LINDSEYINAZ Posts: 1,598
4/14/11 3:14 P

If it's Sunday or Friday, the gym days when I go early in the day, I have breakfast, wait for it to digest a little, and start my workout about 45 minutes to an hour after I've eaten. On Wednesday when I go with the rush of business folk, I have a protein bar before I go and wait about 45 minutes before I workout. So I have something in my stomach, but not much.

AVOVATA Posts: 413
4/14/11 1:31 P

Okay, I tried eating just a piece of toast with jam before my workout today, and it made quite a difference. I've been doing TurboFire, which is super intense. Normally I can't keep up, and I've needed to pause sometimes, and then get back into it. After it's finished, I'm super hungry, and need to eat something before showering.
Today was different. I was able to keep up better. The fire drills didn't completely drain me, and I didn't have to stop once. I think I even could've gone a little longer. Plus, i'm able to have a shower before eating again. Yea! Hopefully I'll notice an improvement with the scale too.

SHARLENE6188 Posts: 35
4/13/11 4:39 P

I have read the same thing about not burning as much fat when you exercise on an empty stomach. My suggestion is to get some type of protein before. I have found this really increases the workout. Maybe try peanut butter, nut mix, a boiled egg, or cottage cheese.

BICKEY11 SparkPoints: (7,661)
Fitness Minutes: (6,133)
Posts: 216
4/13/11 4:34 P

You should never do anything on a completely empty stomach. I don't recommend stuffing yourself to the gills either. Just a little energy food will do, whether it be a yogurt, a banana, a granola bar, u need something to jump start your body.

AVOVATA Posts: 413
4/13/11 4:27 P

See that is what I heard before too. That you're more likely to burn off your fat stores rather than the carbs that you just ate, if you workout on an empty stomach.
This is why I was confused to read information to the contrary here on sparkpeople.
Maybe it's one of those things where you're always going to find evidence to support either side.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,235
4/13/11 4:15 P

Here's an Ask the Expert you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

JBUT66 SparkPoints: (2,095)
Fitness Minutes: (4,040)
Posts: 148
4/13/11 4:14 P

I have posted a link to this article before, but it speaks to your question. At least one study found that eating in the morning on an empty stomach prevented weight gain. How applicable the study is to folks who are dieting is questionable.

I generally try to workout in the morning to get it out of the way and rarely eat anything beforehand. I successfully lost 30 pounds and have maintained that loss. That said, I think it may vary by individual. SOme people feel ill and just can't put as much energy into a workout without fueling up.

HOLDONHOPE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,582)
Posts: 1,005
4/13/11 3:43 P

I usually snack on a banana and jump directly into my workout.

KEELY128 SparkPoints: (372,815)
Fitness Minutes: (288,971)
Posts: 5,930
4/13/11 3:36 P

I've done it both ways,doesnt bother me either way

AVOVATA Posts: 413
4/13/11 3:34 P

I've been in the habit of doing yoga on an empty stomach in the morning for years, so my cardio and strength training workouts have just evolved the same way.
I recently read something that said doing cardio on an empty stomach could actually prevent you burning fat. So now I'm wondering if this is why I've been the same weight for the past three weeks,(in spite of doing cardio 5 days out of the week, and keeping to a 1500 cal. day.)

So my question is do you think this makes a difference? Do you eat anything before working out? If so, what? And finally, how long do you wait afterward before starting your workout?

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