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11/9/11 9:15 A

I have gone over the high end of my recommended calories sometimes two and three days a week...and I continue to lose not be a slave to these numbers!

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11/9/11 9:10 A


11/9/11 6:37 A

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DIVEGODDESS Posts: 578,968
11/9/11 3:50 A

Sometimes we have to increase our calories for the body to increase it's metabolism. For many years I used to eat 1200 calories and not lose a lb. I hired a trainer/nutrition expert and he raised my calories to 1800 even when Spark said 1200-1500. I freaked but I complied and I ended up losing weight and my body shape changed! You don't have to go under 1200 to go into starvation mode. I think the body goes into deprivation mode. If you eat clean (natural foods, nothing from a package) and lots of fruits and veggies, you will lose weight even if you don't go so low. Not everyone should go down to 1200-1500 calories. My new formula is 15-20% below maintenance calories. So if your maintenance is 2000 calories then I would eat 1700-1800 calories.

LOSINGITATNIGHT SparkPoints: (46,766)
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10/5/11 11:58 P

Congrats! I'm upping my calorie intake by 100 this week to see if it helps with the weight loss being stubborn. :)

10/5/11 11:19 P

I've definitely dealt with this before and it's such a great surprise. Good luck to you!

10/5/11 10:29 P

Great attitude! You're absolutely correct. We are changing our lifestyles, and that doesn't mean suffering through the diet and yearning for our goals so the pain can end!

It's all about living well.

God bless!

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10/5/11 9:32 P

I was surprised by the range of calories as a daily goal, and sometimes I'm under the lower end, but sometimes I get up to the higher end. But I know that burning calories (deliberately) every day changes how much I need. If you don't exercise, I could understand having to take in little to lose. But burning and limiting calories will make a difference!

What I have learned... this is not going to work if its a diet!! This is a lifestyle change. I have been able to change what my body wants to eat by only eating what I know is good for me. I have been able to change my metabolism by exercising every day and giving myself healthy calories to burn.
Any changes for the good will give you good results!

Its time to stop Yo-Yo Dieting and Make a Lifestyle Change!!!

Good luck!

10/5/11 9:19 P

I have decided to try and increase my calories. Sparkpeople recommends that I eat between 1,200 and 1,500 to lose weight. Before I was staying at around 1,200 but now I've decided to allow myself to eat up to 1,400 and I'm still losing weight. I can't believe it, I just felt like I had to stay low in the calorie range in order to experience noticeable changes, but I've discovered that's not necessarily true. I have felt more satisfied and it's provided me with the opportunity to get in enough protein using the extra calories...a personal challenge of mine because I'm mainly a vegetarian.Being so restrictive with my calories was really working against me because I felt like I was on a diet. I'd lose 20lbs and then gain back 10 pounds of it, only to lose 20 lbs again. I felt like I was going 2 steps forward and 1 step back.that was the cycle I was in and I was getting frustrated. Since I started this new approach on Monday I've lost 4lbs. but, I always tend to drop it fast in the beginning when I jump back on board with my food plan. Anyhow I feel like this new approach is making me happier, satisfied and following a balanced diet. Just felt like sharing the news. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

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