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5/23/14 10:29 P

The reality is that since sparkpeople automatically linked people's nutrition and fitness tracker, this question comes up at least once a day, so you are not alone in your confusion.

lol....for future reference, I'm just gonna bookmark this so I do not have to keep combing though prior thread to find it.

This links to something, which links to something (on this same subject):

I wish sparkpeople either fixed this, or put an explanation on how the calories are being figured out. Already.

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5/23/14 9:48 P

I think a lot would depend on how fast you are losing. If you are dropping a lot of weight quickly, then yes, I WOULD eat up to 50% of the exercise calories (just goo up in small increments until the weight-loss is 1-2lb per week. If the weight-loss is slow, then I would just continue with doing what you are already.

Below is an SP Blog that may help:


CIZETHEDAY124 Posts: 9,060
5/23/14 8:46 P

If you're losing weight - should you at back calories?

My range with no exercise 1200-1570

Exercise 400-600

Should I eat back the calories to make it to 1570?

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