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6/11/12 3:07 P

Thanks for the advice!

JENMC14 Posts: 2,785
6/11/12 9:07 A

Bratwurst, burgers, hot dogs? Hobo stew? (Potatoes/veggies and meat of your choice in tin foil over the fire.) Chili (although you'd need to lug a pot....)

Freeze the meat before you go, keep it as cold as possibleon the drive, then stick it in the fridge when you get there.

MBUCHANAN9 SparkPoints: (44,315)
Fitness Minutes: (64,909)
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6/9/12 10:39 P

Hello y'all,

I'm in need of some advice. I'm going to my family's cottage next weekend, and I've agreed to make dinner one night. Our cottage is very remote--3 hours drive from the nearest grocery store so we have to carry everything in. There's a propane powered fridge, a wood stove, and some propane powered hot plates.

Any ideas for what to cook for 3 people that'll be easy and not too bulky to carry down a steep hill and keep and cook without electricity?


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