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2/21/11 7:57 A

I found that if I try to take things I make at home (sandwiches, leftovers, intentionally prepared lunches), I don't stick with it and end up hitting the fast food places.

What seems to work for me is taking Hormel Compleats and a fruit cup or two, and then having a fiber bar for a snack. I stick to the meals that are under 300 calories, usually 250 or under.

The biggest issue is the sodium. But if I make my dinner and stick with a healthy cereal for breakfast, it's usually okay.

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2/21/11 7:28 A

I either take precooked chicken or turkey and make a wrap. Use a whole wheat tortilla, hummus, lettuce and whatever else you like. Sometimes on Sundays I cook extra steak or whatever meat we're having and divide it up into containers for leftovers. Add some brown rice and a veggie. So easy!

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
2/21/11 6:34 A

I cook real homemade meals couple times a week-ten use the leftovers..easy and healthy

LOOLAH Posts: 888
2/21/11 4:40 A

I don't take anything to work that isn't super easy to pack and prepare. On the weekends I like to precook whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, bulger, etc) and beans (black beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, etc) and put into single serving tupperware containers. Then I pile everything into the freezer until I need them. I also keep a lot of frozen veggies on hand.

My favorite work meal consists of pre-portioned frozen quinoa, a mixture of frozen veggies like peas, broccoli chickpeas, and black beans,(you can use fresh veggies if you have the time to cut/prepare them), LOTS of spices (I like cayenne pepper, ginger powder, garlic powder, and chili powder), and organic soy sauce. I just pile all of the containers into my lunchbox and let them thaw in the cooler until my break. I bring along a big glass bowl (I try not to microwave food in plastic) and nuke for a few minutes. Voila! I have a yummy AND healthy meal that fills me up and feels like it was homemade. What is also fun about this idea is that you can have about a thousand variations of veggies, grains, and sauces.

For snacks, I tend to eat a lot of kashi bars (I haven't tried any that I don't like), Triscuits with salsa or homemade gaucamole, or even a bowl of healthy cereal with soy milk.

Hope this helps!

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BECCALULU Posts: 272
2/21/11 2:29 A

I guess it depends upon ones tastes but here are a few suggestions:
Breakfast:try different things in with your oatmeal? fruits, nuts, brown sugar, berries. cheese on toast?

Lunch: stuffed avocado*
(*shrimp, tomato, cilantro & lime),
hummus with pita or baby carrots,

Snacks: raw almonds, dried apricots, mushrooms

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TCHRSHEA Posts: 228
2/21/11 12:28 A

I either make salads, make chicken or tuna salad and eat on whole wheat crackers, or leftovers...One thing I tend to make a lot is stirfry with ground turkey meat and whatever veggies you want...I tend to use broccoli, onion, squash and frozen soybeans.

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2/20/11 11:57 P

I've been buying the Stouffer's bags o food (can't remember what they're called but there near those tasty fattening Butoni meals in a bag).

They're 2 servings, many of them are healthy and cost about $3/bag

TEACHINGFORME SparkPoints: (49,373)
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2/20/11 11:52 P

For our lunches we take leftovers from dinner. Also, I make batches of soups and chili then portion out into individual servings, freeze and take to work when there are no leftovers. I freeze many foods into homemade tv dinners. It helps my husband eat healthier at work when he is there for at least 3 days a week (he is a firefighter. The selection in our freeze is quite varied.

Have you tried laughing cow wedges with high fiber crackers?
String cheese and fruit
cottage cheese and yogurt mixed together
Since you have a fridge and microwave at work your possibilities are endless.

Have you used sparkrecipes to get new ideas? I find that when I get in a rut or want to go off program it is because we have been eating the same foods for awhile and some new recipes help to make food exciting again.

TBJE125 Posts: 307
2/20/11 3:22 P

I like the grilled steak/chicken that Tyson makes. I can cook in microwave and then eat with ff tortillas or add to salad. Also love to put laura's lean beef or tuna in kangaroo pouches for a quick sandwich. I always prepare lunch the night before so that if I have a hectic morning it is ready to go!

SPARX1990 Posts: 295
2/20/11 3:02 P

For something quick to grab I love healthy choice prepared meals. Or cook up some veges before work and throw them in a wrap with some cottage cheese! It is fantastic!

SUGAHGIRL1 SparkPoints: (4,397)
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2/20/11 3:00 P

I eat a lot of the same things over and over (apple and string cheese, yogurt and banana, etc) so I can relate! I found that one thing I like doing is making a big batch of healthy chili or soup and using the recipe calculator to get the nutritionals. I separate it into like 5 or 6 different servings and then I have my lunch for that week.

MLHEFNER SparkPoints: (7,370)
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2/20/11 2:06 P

Hi All! I jumped back on to SP last week after a few months off. I gained back 15 lbs of my previous 40 lb loss over the holidays, and I'm ready to take it off, plus some! I'm down 4.5 lbs since I started back, which is definitely motivation to continue.

I eat two meals plus a snack at work 5 days a week, and I need some more ideas for easy to pack breakfasts/lunches/snacks. I'm looking to branch out from my usual oatmeal or yogurt + fruit and salads + protein. I have access to a fridge and microwave at work.

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