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4/17/11 4:14 A

Eat what you enjoy and watch the portion size. Enjoy good conversation and do keep a mental note of all you eat and track on the nutrition tracker when you arrive at home.

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4/17/11 12:18 A

Good advise, from each and everyone of you. I can't believe how much stronger I feel just knowing I have friends on sparkle who jump at the opportunity to help. Thank you so much. I promise to have good news to report the day after Easter. I will be hearing each of you as I select my food. lol And remember.... Christ is risen.......he is resin in deed ! God is good, yes he is............ he's good ALL the time. emoticon

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4/16/11 5:04 P

If you track your nutrition each day, give yourself permission to not get it perfectly right this time (see my blog today on the topic of tracking!).

Before putting anything on your plate, "walk" the buffet to see what's available. You know what the better choices are, so stick to those and be mindful of your portion sizes. Treat yourself to something you wouldn't ordinarily have, but only take a bite or two (you may find it doesn't taste as good as you thought it would, anyway -- we've been training our bodies to reject all that fatty and sugary stuff!).

Most of all, remember what this day is TRULY about, and celebrate Christ's resurrection!! He is Risen! Hallelujah!!

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you didn't miss the resurection of the Lord Jesus Christ! You won't miss the food when Lunch is over, just move on to something else. Clear the table or the restaraunt as soon as possible after you eat. Eat like your favorite movie star would eat. Healthy people take healthy food, eat it and be FIRM with yourself and others when they say something about eating more. When offered food that you choose not to eat, say no dont waiver or stammer around, say no and continue on your healthy way. Good Luck, this is not a one day thing, if you intend to lose weight and keep it off, you have to do this everyday.

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4/16/11 10:47 A

Remember, this is only one meal.
But, portion control is the key.
It will be hard to know how many calories if you didn't prepare the food yourself.
Drink lots of water.
Try to judge how much food is on your plate compared to what you would eat on a normal day.
Avoid salads with mayo.
Limit concentrated sweets: sweet rolls or cake.
Eggs and other proteins are a good choice, but still observe your portion control.

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4/16/11 10:45 A

Does it HAVE to be a buffet?

I am 55 years old and have only been to one Easter buffet in my life.
I prefer to cook.

As far as WHAT to eat, it depends on WHAT your choices are.
No matter what is served, remember portion control and don't go back for seconds.

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4/16/11 9:09 A

I need HELP ! As we all know Easter is just around the corner and with that comes not only the celebration of our Lord's resurection. But the down side of the horrific EASTER BUFFET. Yes I said it, the EASTER BUFFET. What should I eat? How much can I eat? How many calories is in this or that. Help ! I want to stay on track, any suggestions?

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
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