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2/22/11 3:00 P

definately have a planned snack 1-2 hours before bedtime. Probably a good calorie amount would be 150 calories or so.
dietitian Becky

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2/22/11 12:52 P

Eat closer to your bedtime. I have eaten as late as 5 minutes before going to bed (always leaving time to brush my teeth!) because I hate waking up in the middle of the night hungry or waking up in the morning feeling super ravenous, wanting to eat everything in sight.

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2/22/11 12:48 P

If you are actually having "hunger pains", and not just feeling like you want to eat, then you need to look at what you are eating and when.

If i'm reading you right, you are actually waking up before you should, with hunger? So, clearly you need to eat more before bed.

1) Make sure your last meal in nearish your bed time. maybe 2 hours or 3 hours before you sleep. Make sure you are getting plenty of fat, protein, and fiber in your last meal, as this is what the stomach chomps on all night.

2) have a snack one hour before your bed time. I do yougart, cause it's light and desert like, with lots of protein. But you might try different things. A good snack should include some protein, some fat, and some fiber.

3) Track the actual sizes of what you are eating for dinner and snack, and play with them. You'll find something that is a good range for you.

Good luck!

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2/22/11 12:39 P

Anyone else get these? You go to sleep at a decent hour, then wake up a couple hours more STARVING, with bad hunger pains, and you NEED to eat something?

What the heck? It's an awful habit, and it's been bothering me a lot lately. Normally, I'd figure it's from not eating enough during the day, but lately my eating has been horrible so this isn't the case.

Help?? It throws my whole day off and usually it results in me not even just having a small snack, but binging (Most likely on peanut or almond butter, and way too many pieces of lavash. It's so weird)

I seriously need help. It's really frustrating and it's been putting a serious stop to my weight loss journey. I'm so frustrated I need advice, thanks.

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