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5/28/13 9:12 A

I have some over the ear earbuds from Walmart that cost about $10. Don't remember the brand. Just make sure whatever you get isn't noise cancelling and you don't blast them too high. You need to be able to hear your surroundings.

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5/28/13 8:10 A


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5/28/13 7:37 A

The new Apple iPhone ear buds stay in pretty well.

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5/28/13 2:35 A

The only comfortable ones I've found are by Sony and they're "C" shaped to hang over your ear. I can't wear any of the buds, no matter how squishy. I think I bought them at BestBuy and they were maybe $15.

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5/28/13 12:54 A

YURBUDS!!!!! Made for athletes, fit in the ear, and NEVER budge! I love running to music and would always go insane trying to keep earbuds in until I found these. I will advise, though, to get the ones made specifically for women. I originally had the unisex/mens(?) version and they were a little too big and would make my ears sore. I lost them and when I repurchased got the women's version and they are perfect! They are made a little smaller, still fit without moving, and no more sore ears. You will LOVE them, I promise!

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5/27/13 11:04 P

I have some sony over the ear things. They stay put pretty well and were only $15 or so at walmart. They don't fill the whole ear in, so you can still hear whats going on around you if you keep the sound low.

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5/27/13 10:52 P

I,like Skullcandy earbuds; they're squishy, not hard plastic like the iPod ones, and stay in my ears. They run about $20 or less, if I recall correctly.

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5/27/13 10:48 P

Be careful! There are an increasing number of statistics that show if you walk/jog with earbuds in, your chance of being in an accident or being assaulted goes up. Being alert and aware of your surroundings is so important!

Here's an interesting article...

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5/27/13 10:20 P

I got some Bluetooth earbuds and totally love them! No cords dangling and getting tangled. They aren't the cheapest ones out there, but they stay in my ears well and the sound is good. The brand is Jaybird, but I forget the specific model; you can find them on Amazon.

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5/27/13 5:27 P

Hey ya'll! Ive just recently started running, and i love running to music (We have running trails and sidewalks everywhere). However, those plain earbuds that come with my ipod/iphone just wont stay in my ear very long. Any suggestions for good earbuds that wont break the bank but will stay put while running?



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