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10/12/13 1:02 P

hahah, im loving the "squat" stories that are going along with these posts. I'm up to 20 squats today so far, unless my post counts? Might as well! 25 squats so far, lets keep 'em comin'!

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10/11/13 11:54 P

Here's another 5 for you! WTG!

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10/11/13 7:00 P

I remember when a fellow in college kept saying (Well, what I thought he was saying) "Don't do squat." And I kept replying "I have to, or I will fail college." And he would keep replying, "Don't do squat." I found out much later that he had been doing squats in the gym and hurt his back because he had on too much weight. So he was telling me not to do squats. Well, I did just enough squat to get myself through college.

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10/11/13 6:50 P

Ha - love the imaginative way of finding motivation.


(there's another 5)

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10/11/13 4:41 P

If you lived in Asia you would need to do it several times a day to use the squat toilets! emoticon We need to install them in every home! Keep it going, hope you don't hurt yourself emoticon !

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10/11/13 4:19 P

Having a hard time finding motivation, i've been setting low target goals lately so i thought i would leave this one up to you guys. Each comment equals 5 squats which i will complete by the end of the day :-P

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