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7/17/14 2:15 P

thank you ... everything suggested .. was very helpful !!!!!!!!!!!

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,438
7/16/14 6:56 A

Start with how many minutes and days you think you can realistically commit each week to exercise. It sounds like you feel that 3 x 30 minutes is realistic for you, so go with that as your objective.

You can update your exercise goals from the LH side of the Start page. If you update your goals, there is also an option there to directly set a weekly calorie target - in this case 1164.

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7/15/14 9:54 P

Most people go by time but I go by calories just because of the amount of strength training I do I don't like counting that as often but like to keep track at the same time... my goal is a lot higher than yours so my time sometimes isn't the "tougher" one to hit.

I would really focus on upping your intensity week by week so therefore it gets more challenging as time goes on and with squats they're amazing but all some different strength training in so you're hitting all muscle groups which will mak things more successful

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7/15/14 4:59 P

I'd focus on the minutes, and then you can adjust your calories burned goal to match how much activity you're actually doing if it's different from that number.

Coach Jen

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7/15/14 3:26 P

Personally I'd just go for the 180 minutes by gradually increasing cardio from 30 minutes to 45 per session, and by adding some strength training.

ERINBMJR SparkPoints: (1,612)
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7/15/14 1:49 P

On my tracker my goal for exercising is 180 minutes and 1070 calories to burn in a week. I am doing 30 minutes of walk away the pounds three times a week. Which right now I burn 388 for 30 minutes plus a few calories from squats.
Here is my question. Which goal do i try to meet the calories burn at week or minutes of exercising.
Here is my math.

3days at 30 minutes each equals 90minutes out of the 180 suggested

3days at 388 calories burned per 30 minutes equals 1,164 out of the 1070 suggested.
plus i burn a couple more calories with my squats each day

Any suggests ??????????????????????????/

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