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JIBBIE49 Posts: 71,006
7/30/11 2:54 P

emoticon Don't quit. Stay with it.

J0ANNAJ Posts: 1,007
7/21/11 7:32 A

This is for real - I was struggling with mild clinical depression and anxiety a few months ago and doing some daily exercise really helped. The key for me was taking medicine so I could sleep and once I got through accumulated tiredness after several weeks of insomnia but on a daily basis exercise kept me emotionally afloat. If you are feeling down give it a try.

HERSHHEI Posts: 22
7/20/11 5:39 P

Hello all!

Just wanted to exclaim that I made myself do 35 minutes on the elliptical today and I feel SO much better!! It is just amazing how much your mood changes after some exercise. Everytime this happens I wonder why don't I try something every day! We are worth it to take care of our bodies and brains and nurture them with exercise. It does make a difference! emoticon

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