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2/28/06 2:42 P

Oh yes..those are a 2nd favorite!

MOM2BOYS Posts: 2,330
2/28/06 12:08 P

For me it's the Reeses Peanut butter eggs that are hard to leave alone. It's amazing how quickly they got the Easter candy out on display.

MYSPECIALKS SparkPoints: (50,634)
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2/28/06 6:55 A

Tina! I do the same thing! I buy them on clearence!!! too funny!

TINA10000 Posts: 1,943
2/27/06 8:01 P

Oh how I love those little eggs! I can spot that purple bag from anywhere in the grocery store. My weakness is going the day after Easter and buying a ton on clearance just for me! Hopefully not this year!

NJGRAHAM Posts: 162
2/20/06 2:00 P

I am right with you on those cadbury eggs. They are my all time favorite candy. They make the really small bags. Maybe we should get a couple of those and say that is all we get. And thank goodness they don't make them all year-round! emoticon

S_MURFF Posts: 6
2/20/06 12:44 P

I still have Valentines candy hidden from myself! And low and behold they have updated to the next holiday at the grocery store! At least may, june, july, august etc are candy free months! Candy is my major weakness.

OTMCKAY Posts: 431
2/20/06 12:16 P

Tough challenge! I try avoidance!

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2/20/06 11:07 A

We will be in Florida for easter- with my sister- we usually keep the candy minimal & try to do a fun activity the day before with the girls!

CRAZYMAMA Posts: 1,433
2/20/06 11:05 A

Good strategy!

Also, plan to buy fewer candies for the Easter basket, and buy more trinkets and "things" instead.
Then you won't be so tempted to dip into the basket when your little guy isn't looking!

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2/20/06 7:16 A

One of my biggest challenges! And the stores are filled with the stuff already! My 4 year old got me to drag out the plastic Easater eggs over the weekend & we have been having egg hunts(empty thank goodness!). My favorite candy is Cadbury mini eggs-the candy coated in the purple bag. the only strategy I can think of is to stay outof the stores- until like a day before easter...

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