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7/7/14 9:22 P

Full disclosure here: I'm a girl.

I tried the EAS AdvantEDGE carb control shakes to see how they stacked up against Atkins.
I'm on the road in my car a lot & sometimes include one of these shakes as part of a lunch. Great to toss in the cooler w/ veggies, etc.

The stats are impressive: 17g protein, 1.5 net g carbs & only 100 calories.

However, they don't fill me up as the Atkins does. They are more watery and if you sit on 'em for a while (I bought quite a few 4 paks on sale - d'oh!), some can get kind of lumpy inside, even after shaking (eww). Reminded me of boba tea drinks. The taste of the liquid (not the gelatinous blobs) was meh.

Perhaps if they make a powder that you mix, that might work out better?

I'm sticking w/ Atkins for now. Totally worth the extra calories & expense.

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7/2/14 9:01 A

The cost of IP products are high. Has anyone tried two servings of Eas carb control or Pure protein drinks as substitutes....still remaining on IP otherwise

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