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1/3/12 1:33 P

Excuse me, I'm sorry but, did you even read what I wrote? Clearly not.

1/3/12 1:32 P

I agree ladies, I love EA Active, and I don't want to have to add all the exercises one at a time, it would be REALLY nice if we could track the calories burned here. emoticon

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1/3/12 1:10 P

Spark adds activities where there are studies performed on them to determine their calorie burn. They can't just make up numbers - so if it's not studied yet they can't add it.

Here is spark's article on tracking things that aren't in the tracker:

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1/3/12 9:29 A

It would be great if SP had EA Active as an exercise you could track....I don't do the individual strength training exercises because EA Active II works me out so well and I definetly don't remember EVERY exercise in order to track it.

I truly hope they consider adding it

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