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6/3/13 10:24 P

So great news, I just went to ask thr front desk where their fitness center was cuz I couldn't find it and was informed they have a deal with the Gold's Gym across the street so I can lift there! I lifted this morning, so I think I'll maybe go for a run tomorrow and then get my full workout in on Wednesday just like I wasn't gone at all.

Also, I think blogging quick each night will help me stay focused and relaxed so if you wanted to check out my page I'd aprreicate it. I need to eat healthy, but I really shouldn't fret one sugary mai tai with dinner or feeling obligated to eat a mozzarella stick at lunch

6/3/13 10:10 A

Great suggestion! I do this a lot when travelling even if I get caught out without a meal locally I'll hit a grocery store for some food instead of a fast food place. They usually have a good selection of salads and most have roasted chicken ready to go. The perfect fast meal IMO.

I'd look on YouTube for some dumbbell workouts. There is a ton of stuff you can do with that and body weight stuff too. Have you thought about a TRX? They are great for travelling.

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6/3/13 8:25 A

Not exactly on topic but still related to frequent travel. On the food thing, instead of going to restaurants for every meal, hit up the grocery store for some basics you can keep in the room fridge. When I have to live out of a hotel for a week or 2 at a time, first thing I do once I get in town (before I check in even) is go to a grocery store and stock up on fruits, veggies I can snack on, and yogurt. I try to get a couple of meals a week at the salad bar so at least I know exactly whats going into that.

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6/3/13 7:30 A

Thanks Akeena, that's a really good idea to see if I can get into a real gym once a week and then use the hotel fitness centers as supplemental when I'm not able to. I'll look into any common gyms to the cities I'll frequent and how much day passes are for places

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6/3/13 6:23 A

Resistance bands are a travel friendly strength training tool. You can double them up or shorten them (by standing on them/tieing them off shorter) for more resistance.

If you are getting in even some sort of strength workout while you are on the road, if you combine this with your normal workout on weekends, you should still be seeing progress.


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6/2/13 9:25 P

Is it possible for you to get a gym membership at a national chain that will allow you to use branches outside your hometown? If you will be in larger cities, this could be tremendously helpful since most hotel gyms are not equipped for your strength goals. Or, if you have extra money, look into the possibility of day passes for a local gym in the town you're visiting. Even one big workout per week supplemented by hotel workouts could help.
Just my two cents...


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6/2/13 7:33 P

Maybe the problem lies in how I don't need a beginner program. You're pushup to plank idea sounds like a nice little warm-up to get the blood flowing.

Hopefully they have the actual heavy dumbbells. Most places only go up to 50 lbs. which is unfortunate. If they have the heavier ones I can do some dumbell press, bench, lunges ect. Not as good as the real thing, but I'm wondering if it's better to do regular lifts with dumbbell substitions the normal 3x5, or if there's a better strength program out there when you're limited to just dumbbells.

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6/2/13 3:27 P

Body for Life by Bill Philips is an excellent beginner strength training book that has some basic workouts you can do at home or on the road. You might also check out The New Rules of Lifting. That's the original. there is also a version for women.

And you might want to join SERGEANTMAJORs resistance band and body weight exercise team. He's got a bunch of workouts posted for beginners and experts. If you're traveling, you'll find resistance bands to be extremely useful.

If you're bringing your laptop with you, there are tons of online workouts you can do in your room with just bands or body weight exercises.

Here's a simple routine I give my clients.

Start with 10 push ups, then go straight to plank (you do do modified or regular). Hold plank for one minute. The minute you're done, do another 10 push ups. When you're done, back to plank.

So, it's plank, push ups, plank, push ups, repeat until you've done 50 push ups and 5 minutes of plank. minimal rest i.e. less than 30 secs between activities. If that seems like too much, you can do 5 push ups followed by 30 secs of plank. Believe me, you'll feel it by the third set of push ups and plank. That's a roughly 4-7 minute routine depending on how long you hold plank.

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6/2/13 2:20 P

The Body for Life program uses dumbbells and a weight bench for a lot of their exercises. Some of the illustrations in the book may not lead to you doing the exercise correctly but for the most part it is an excellent strength workout...

Check it out. Body for Life by Bill Phillips...

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6/2/13 1:48 P

Now, before you curse me out for asking the question in the title, it looks like I'm going to be traveling for work about 3 weeks out of each month. This means bouncing from hotel to hotel and eating out every single meal which I'm not actually looking forward to that much, even if it is on the corporate card.

My bjj training time is going to take a serious hit, but I'm looking for a workout program that uses just dumbbells, since most hotel's fitness centers will have cardio machines and those, but sadly no actual free weights and rack to lift how I normally do.

I'm 157 pounds now and trying to get back to the low 150s to get feeling and looking like I did last summer, so I'll be making the most health conscious decisions I can in the restaurants sadly. This dumbbell program would be more to try and maintain muscle. An alternating lifting day and running day (since that's easy exercise opportunity wherever you are) type program would be ideal I think.

I've been lifting for a while (I'm 22 and started freshman in highschool), but I'm doing basically starting strength now to conserve muscle since I need to lose some fat again that I put back on by eating like an idiot last month with finals and vacation and moving.

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