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JANEY102482 Posts: 393
5/18/11 10:44 A

Thanks, that's good to know about how items are presented on nutrition labels. Makes sense to me! I guess I'll just have to measure before and after cooking from now on to make sure I'm counting everything correctly.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,246
5/18/11 8:37 A

1. just so you know, all packaged foods are required to have the nutrition info for them in their as is state. so if you get a package of raw chicken, the info is for raw chicken. dried beans are for the dried beans and so forth.

2. the change in weight of pasta is just water. so it depends on how you cook it. someone cooking it al dente will have pasta that weighs less than someone who cooks their pasta to a mushier consistency.
there are two ways to do this.
-you can measure the pasta after cooking and use the generic info in the tracker
-you measure the dry before you cook it and divide by the portions you get cooked. in other words, measure out 2oz of pasta. if you have half of the cooked yield, that's 1oz dry. if you make 6oz dry pasta and eat 1/4 of the yield, that's 1.5 oz dry. basically, the pasta doesn't gain or lose calories through cooking. so if you know how much you start with, then the end amount is going to be the same, the volume will just be different.

JANEY102482 Posts: 393
5/18/11 8:25 A

So I have recently suffered a bit of confusion over calories in pasta, thanks to boxes that did not specify whether listed serving sizes were cooked or dry! I now know (I think?) that 2 oz DRY whole wheat pasta contains about 200 calories. However, I often don't weigh out my pasta until after it's already cooked, as I'm usually cooking for two people.

So: would it be safe to say that pasta about doubles in weight when it is cooked, making 4 oz cooked pasta the same nutritionally as 2 oz dry?


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