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12/3/12 2:09 P

There's videos of Drums Alive if you google it. You drum on the stabily balls, your own and your neighbors. You move around the balls. There's a lot of work with you legs especially thighs and it's suppose use both right and left brain. I don't understand all of that, but it's suppose to good for any type of handicapped person as well as people who want to get fit. My Zumba instructor just got certified in Drums Alive and she's very excited about it. All equipment is supplied by the instructor.

HEALER1 Posts: 1,145
12/2/12 3:23 A

I've never heard of it. What do you do with the drumsticks?

11/30/12 9:38 A

Has anyone tried Drums Alive? A new fitness class offered in our area starting mid December. A free class is offered to try it out, but I wondered if any SP had tried it or heard of these classes using stability balls and drum sticks?

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