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AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (57,263)
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7/16/13 4:38 P

My license says 200, so it's actually not very wrong. So close and yet so far!

I live in one of those states where you keep the same license for about 20 years. I think that at the time I got it in 1998, I probably weighed around 215 and was rounding down!

7/16/13 12:40 A

I have never told the real one... emoticon emoticon

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7/13/13 1:44 A


SEVENTHSIBLING SparkPoints: (2,260)
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7/13/13 12:53 A

It will take me 8 months to get to my DL weight

LYNETTEMOM SparkPoints: (71,509)
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8/14/12 1:43 A

hahaha just had to renew mine for this bday, which was 2 days ago, so mine is up to date.

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8/13/12 11:14 P


8/13/12 10:54 P

It would be your current drivers license weight not your first. I don't even remember what was on my first license.

IAMCHANGE Posts: 13,973
8/13/12 10:47 P

I will pass.

If I did that you and the people who would see me would think I was sick.
I'm 53 now when I was 16 ( 1st time DL ) I was 89# and now 4 years ago I was @ a size 222 lbs. hopefully in 2015 I be 135

8/12/12 7:40 P

Ok well I will start

SW- 211.2
GW-160 (huge difference I've never changed it and was always embarrassed too)

Weigh in every Friday.

1st- 8/17

8/11/12 12:29 A

Ok I thought it would be a fun challenge to lose weight to get to your "drivers license weight" I always lie about my weight I guess in feeling bad about myself. I have to renew my license in 2015 and it would be nice for once that I actually weigh that or less.

How many people want to try this?

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