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Drinking water?

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11/15/12 3:34 P

One way the brain detects fulness is by signals sent from the stomach depending on how stretched it is. If you drink a lot of water and stretch your stomach, you can temporarily postpone your hunger. But this can be important even if it is temporary, because often the cravings are temporary too. Then, if you drink enough water when you are craving some food, with some luck it too may subside by the time your body eliminates that water.

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11/15/12 3:07 P

Thank you all -- good stuff!

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11/15/12 8:54 A

I find that sometimes when I think I am hungry, I am really thirsty. Even if I am still hungry, the glass of water will help fill me up. ( Like soup at the start of a meal fills you up.)

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11/15/12 7:42 A

Water detoxify's, refreshes, hydrates. It is a a natural cleanser which maintains proper metabolism and every cell within our bodies.

Water regulates blood sugar because if your body gets low on water, everything becomes concentrated which includes your blood sugar.

When exercising drink more water to compensate for sweating...and also to regulate your heart.You can drink water but other sources like fruits and veggies count too! Some fruits and veggies can hydrate you just as well as water. They also can act as a natural diruetic.

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11/15/12 7:15 A

All I drink is water and the occasional protein smoothie.

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11/15/12 7:07 A

Thanks for the input, Becky.
It's a good reminder.

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11/14/12 7:03 P

Back to the original question.
Physiologically, water does "nothing" to bring about weight loss on its own.
Now if you substitute water for beverages or foods that have calories---then you may lose weight since you are consuming fewer calories.

Hope this helps answer your question.
SP Registered Dietitian Becky

SparkPoints: (21,421)
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11/14/12 6:01 P

You know ZENRYAKU, you are so right! Since I've been drinking a lot of water I do feel good!

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11/14/12 5:58 P

I just feel better for drinking water. The most visible sign is my skin feels and looks good. Also, it has been a way of cutting down or out all other drinks. In a typical day I now have 2 cups coffee, 3 herbal teas, and the rest is up to 8 glasses water.

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11/14/12 5:40 P

Yes, because it helps fill your stomach and also boosts your metabolism. Kind of think of your body like a sauna, it doesn't function too well without the water and without the extra heat, those calories don't burn very well.

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11/14/12 5:29 P

Does drinking water help you lose weight? If so, how?

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