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BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,370
7/27/13 1:45 A

I do the same. As a child, my mom used to make me "hot lemonade" when I came in from the snow; hot water, lemon juice and a little honey (that part's not necessary, but it's nice sometimes). I keep a giant insulated bottle of cold water on my treadmill, too.

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 1,754
7/26/13 9:22 P

very good idea. just might do the same.

7/26/13 8:08 A

That's a great idea!

7/25/13 11:11 P

In the summertime, I've gotten into the habit of bringing a jug of ice water whenever I travel to the grocery store, go shopping etc. It has become the only way I drink water in the summer time - with ice in it.

I've invested in a water bottle whereby I can use it for cold or hot drinks. I think this winter I may try to use hot water and lemon in my bottle so that I can continue to drink water.

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