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11/19/12 1:31 P

Thanks that article was really helpful, since I drink tea all the time it's really just flavoured water sometimes with a bit of caffiene. Awesome!

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11/19/12 1:18 P

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I love tea and drink it throughout the day. Glad it does count towards my water/fluid intake.

11/19/12 12:53 P

Yes, it does count towards your water/fluid intake. All beverages do: tea, coffee (regular and decafe), milk, juice, diet drinks, soda pop, etc. But each has an upper limit regarding overall health. This SP article gives the amounts:

SP Dietitian Becky

CANDICE293 SparkPoints: (4,147)
Fitness Minutes: (610)
Posts: 478
11/19/12 12:41 P

So I drink a lot of tea and always black, I never add sugar or milk into it. Would it cound towards water I drink and if not how would you enter your drinks in the food tracker especially black teas.

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