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6/25/14 4:27 A

I like infusing water with fruit. It looks beautiful and tastes great.

For instance, get a glass bottle, thin slice a quarter of an orange, put in a few mint leaves for color, and fill with water.

Or slice up some strawberries plus a tangerine slice.


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5/12/14 1:43 P

Is Crystal light and those types of drinks okay if you just can't get water down?

Im going to Vegas for my 40th birthday! I got really sick and have only spirled downward 2 years ago. I have 7 kids so Im proving to myself that I dont have to fit ito the sterotype of "when do you turn 40" I looked amazing 3 years ago before we moved out of state but I'm determined to to show everyone... IM BACK!! I miss how I felt when I looked good!!
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