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7/29/12 9:15 P

Well, what does "watching what you eat" mean, exactly? Are you tracking your food? It's not enough just to drink more water... you have to reduce the number of calories you're eating.

If you share your food and fitness trackers, and post in the diet & nutrition forum, you can get more specific help.

If you just started, you have to give it time. It can take 6-8 weeks for a new lifestyle change to show up on the scale.

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7/29/12 9:05 P

The weight doesnt come off fast. Your body could also be holding it as water weight if you are new to drinking water. Watch sodium intake, water sticks to that pretty bad! Are you active enough, and have enough of a calorie deficit? There could be a lot of reasons why, if you are not finding them soon, i suggest talking to your doctor.

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7/29/12 4:58 P

People might need a bit more specific info in order to make more helpful suggestions. How long have you been watching what you eat? Are you tracking your foods? Are you exercising? If so, how much/how often? What are you eating? Are you sleeping 8 hrs?

Sometimes weight loss can take a few weeks to get going, sometimes your period can interfere with loss (water retention, etc.), there are all sorts of reasons you might not be losing. If you give people a bit more info, it would help.

Drinking lots of water is a great habit to have, but there's a lot of other stuff that has to happen in order for your body to drop weight.

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7/29/12 2:44 P

9 glasses

7/29/12 2:32 P

I have been drinking a lot of water and watching what I eat but the weight will not come off. HELP

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