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12/13/13 1:54 P

Thank you for posting the article--very interesting. It sounds like you are better off just eating regular pasta or something like Barilla Plus--it still has a lot of carbs, but has some other redeeming nutritional value too.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,187
12/13/13 6:26 A

Dreamfield's does not bother me, however I only have pasta the size of a light bulb ( Al dente) cooked and add Green Beans or Broccoli to blunt any sugar. I have also used garbanzo beans into the mix to slow down digestion.

Also when having pasta I make sure to add an Oil and vinegar salad on the side as vinegar can help stabilize blood when vinegar is present in the intestines, some sugars and starches temporarily pass through without being digested, so they have less of an impact on blood sugar.

I also find that Hodgson Mills Brown Rice Pasta does not raise my BG which is $2.00 at Walmart...Trader Joe's Has brown rice pasta under their own label also.

Yes, of course test after and see how you do, portion control is important as well.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
12/13/13 5:07 A

I tried the Dreamfields pasta when I first started controlling my carbohydrate intake. I am diabetic, and it acted the same way as real pasta. My glucose soared to 250 +, which it does for normal pasta also.

I would just eat real pasta, since it is cheaper. If you can't have real pasta because of blood sugar spikes, I would just quit eating pasta. When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The best solution is for any diabetic who still tests blood sugars, is to eat a serving, and test 2 hours later. If it doesn't cause a spike, then it's okay. I have no idea what " protected carbs " are. Sugar alcohols, and glycerol should be listed, if that is what they mean.

For me, this would be 36 NET carbs. I don't deduct any carbs, except fiber, and this has worked for me, since I am super sensitive to carbs. If high glucose levels aren't caused by pasta, then I would just enjoy regular whole wheat pasta, or the mulit-colored pasta, and choose one with as much fiber as you can get. Why pay more for this pasta, unless regular pasta does spike your glucose, and Dreamfields doesn't?

I think you will find, that if regular pasta isn't a problem, then neither is Dreamfields, and the same will be true, if it IS a problem. Both will be a problem for most diabetics. Still, test it on yourself to find out for sure.

Learn your own parameters, and you may find that certain types of pasta can be enjoyed, like NYXWOLFWALKER, has found to be the case. A little experimentation is always better, than asking someone else how it affects them. You may be different.

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12/12/13 11:19 P

No idea if it's good or bad but I know that many of the gluten free pastas don't spike me. My fave are the rice based ones. I've not had regular pasta in 5 years.

12/12/13 4:48 P

Thanks for posting that link! I read it and also read most of the comments that people had about the article. I saw quite a few diabetics that swear by it. Pasta is not something that I miss, I just saw a recipe for mac and cheese and thought my kids would like it! emoticon I dont cook separate meals for myself and my kids mainly because my son is type 1 diabetic and my daughter will eat just about anything without complaint.

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12/12/13 4:41 P

I saw a couple of people on another site comment that they'd tried it and it didn't mess with their blood sugar. Apparently you have to cook it very al dente and you can't reheat it. That is literally all I know about the stuff.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
12/12/13 3:49 P

Wow..I've wondered about that, too. I'm not diabetic, but pasta makes me tired unless it is cooked super al dente. It causes a sugar spike, then crash in me? Anyway, I avoid it now.

A few months ago I got a box of dreamfields, thinking maybe it would help...but then I researched it...and I dunno...

Again, I'm not a diabetic, but I am also curious to know what people here on SP with diabetes have found.

12/12/13 3:40 P

Just wondering if any diabetics out there have tried the dreamfields pastas and if so, did it spike your blood sugar? I know it states that it only has 5g of digestible carbs but I'm leary. I am type 2 diabetic and really cutting my carbs and my blood sugars have since normalized, I dont want to jeopardize that by trying this new pasta. Anyone?

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