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4/4/10 9:11 P

154? If you're 5'6" or taller then you're doing GREAT! Just gotta tighten up some loose flabbiness maybe. Lift weights. Start today!

INDARYS Posts: 1,533
4/3/10 11:31 P

Lance buddy, your not really overweight. I think that article was refering to people who are closer to the obese BMI - I'm pretty sure your no where close to that. You have been living a pretty healthy lifestyle for a while now and I think that for the most part while your weight is not in your ideal range, you should be fine. If you really think there is an issue though, talk to your doctor, but as was said 8 months to loose 6 pounds... I think you can do it.

LARSIL Posts: 942
4/3/10 4:08 P

For those of us who have "fond memories" of our 30th birthday, rest assured -- it will come and go, and you WILL survive!!!

I was nervous when I hit 46 -- that was the age that my dad died of a heart attack. I am now in the position of being OLDER than any memory I have of my father, and my heart is the healthiest part of me! (The rest of my body is falling apart, but my heart is strong & healthy!!)

Enjoy. Life gets better as you get older. (Geesh, did I really say that??) Think "long term" rather than "youth"; if it takes six months to lose five pounds, so be it -- and then enjoy the benefits!

---LarSil (NOT your average "wise old sage" curmudgeon!)

MANDMDAD Posts: 550
4/1/10 2:04 P

In my opinion it is never too late to eat better and take better care of your body.

I was super fit in my teens and twenties - sports, elite military units, distance running. When I got out of the service I just let myself go for ten years. Spent most of my 30s about 60-70 pounds over weight and eating like an idiot and not working out a bit.

When I was staring my 40th birthday dead in the eyes last year I decided to start eating right, exercising, taking daily vitamins and an aspirin, and sleeping more regularly. I feel so much better at 40 than I did at 35, both physically and mentally. I still have some work ahead of me, but the point is that you should never give up or discount any effort simply because you turn the page on a calendar.

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DANSTOUT Posts: 735
4/1/10 12:28 P

Looks to me like you have 8 months to lose 6 lbs. Better get on it :)

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4/1/10 10:43 A

Was startled awake this morning by a peice in an old copy of prevention mag. It said that by the time I reach 30 (coming age) if I am overweight, I could lose 6 years off my life. Should I be concerned??. I will be 30 in 8 months and weigh 154.2 as of now.

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