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RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
5/3/13 10:48 A

emoticon Gained a pound this week - but no worries, just get back on track. emoticon

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6/3/12 8:07 A

Thank You!! Your words of encouragement are just what I needed. Plus you reminded me to put things back into perspective.

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6/1/12 9:56 A

Yep - a gazillion times! Stop getting on the scales - especially if you are doing it every day! Follow your plan, exercise, eat right, and take very good care of yourself. You are worth every bit of effort!!! Everyone's weight fluctuates from day to day. My research and experience has shown that our bodies need time to adjust to changes in nutrition and exercise - and adjustments don't happen over night. Even when the dials on our scales don't seem to budge, our bodies are changing. Adding lean muscle (which weighs more than the stuff we don't want) can make it seem that we are stuck or have even gained a little - don't you believe it! Make sure you are eating enough (our bodies love to go into a "starvation" mode when we are not eating enough and then everything grinds to a halt". Personally - I choose only to step on the scales every Saturday morning before breakfast - if I remember, just because I am curious. My main "mile marker" is the subtle and wonderful changes in how my clothes fit and how much healthier I feel - shoot, I really don't even need those stupid scales. Best wishes...and remember...take good care of yourself!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,328
5/29/12 11:58 P

Fluctuations happen to all of us.

MADRIGAL8 SparkPoints: (7,005)
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5/29/12 11:35 P

Been on my diet program, strength and now on the rookie program. I have a very physical job, on my feet most of the day, lifting and bending a lot. The scale has not moved except one to two pounds fluctuates, (new scale too). Has this happened to any one else?

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