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Dr. Oz promoting Saffron extract for weight loss

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Posts: 363
12/22/12 1:55 P

I liked Dr Oz when his show first started. Now I rarely watch him because it is one 'miracle cure'
after another. Who would want to take all the supplements he recommends?

SparkPoints: (212,062)
Fitness Minutes: (87,276)
Posts: 11,598
12/22/12 9:51 A

Dr. Oz promotes a lot of stuff that does not seem to work or is so far out of the normal person's price range it is ridiculous!

Posts: 4,848
12/22/12 6:32 A

Saffron grows wild and free where I live... I periodically collect it to use in cooking as the storebought stuff is several hundred $$ per pound. Seriously the stuff is a weed here. But people still get fat here ;)

Dr Oz will tout for anyone who pays him.

SparkPoints: (220,327)
Fitness Minutes: (196,480)
Posts: 6,871
12/22/12 12:09 A


Posts: 762
12/21/12 11:25 P

I was always leery of Dr. Oz. And all the supplements, really???
Funny how they always say take this "xyz," eat a low calorie diet and exercise like heck!
Well if you'd just exercise and eat right you'd lose the same amount!

SparkPoints: (83,429)
Fitness Minutes: (63,720)
Posts: 3,901
12/21/12 9:18 P

Yes, the weight loss and health industry ain't a billion dollar business for nothing, and they know how to stay one step ahead of the FDA, which has no clout, until people pass away from using certain over the counter supplements.

Posts: 4,639
12/21/12 9:01 P

Thru one of those in-ur-email-inbox deep discount offers I tried a Dr. Oz recommended weight loss supplement. I was also participating in a very healthy diet and exercise regimen. Did they help? I think I would have attained the same results without them and kept the money in my pocket instead of Dr. Oz's.

SparkPoints: (83,429)
Fitness Minutes: (63,720)
Posts: 3,901
12/21/12 8:46 P

Just like his mentor, Oprah, Dr. Oz owns interest in several supplement companies, Oprah didn't make millions just by talking! Oz has the right name though, he is a schill.

Edited by: ETHELMERZ at: 12/21/2012 (20:46)

SparkPoints: (3,038)
Fitness Minutes: (105)
Posts: 48
12/21/12 8:40 P

Thanks everyone for your comments. I guess I won't be giving up my gym membership for the saffron extract, lol.

Posts: 514
12/21/12 8:26 P

once I read that Dr Oz doesn't even like food. I can't take him seriously after that.

Posts: 8,761
12/21/12 7:55 P

What about green coffee beans?

Posts: 1,310
12/21/12 5:29 P

Moving more and eating less works well for weight loss too. Course is doesn't line the good doctor's pockets as well.

Posts: 8,023
12/21/12 4:32 P

I think Dr. Oz is a quack, to be honest. He's promoted juicing, and this product and that product and some sort of other product. I bet his collection of cars or whatever is really pretty.

Edited by: GLITTERFAIRY77 at: 12/21/2012 (16:33)

SparkPoints: (12,471)
Fitness Minutes: (14,227)
Posts: 208
12/21/12 12:52 P

I notice almost all of these recommended magic potions are always very expensive.

SparkPoints: (31,580)
Fitness Minutes: (25,714)
Posts: 1,046
12/21/12 12:29 P

Dr. Oz would promote sleeping upside down in a special cave like a bat for weight loss if he thought he could up his ratings or make a buck off of it.

Posts: 13,644
12/21/12 12:03 P

Seriously that stuff cannot be real saffron. That is the most expensive spice. Twenty years ago three grains of saffron cost $2

Posts: 106
12/21/12 11:28 A

true dat. lol

Posts: 106
12/21/12 11:27 A

DR Oz irritates me. I agree with LuAnn. Really...I mean, he is always promoting some magic weight loss nonsense. emoticon

Edited by: MANDYVANHOOK at: 12/21/2012 (11:27)

Posts: 5,070
12/21/12 10:29 A

Though I am sure there is some kernel of truth in saffron, I am not willing to try it out. Saffron is THE most expensive herb out there. I tried Raspberry Ketones and L Caritine and had no luck whatsoever and no I did not do it on his findings.

Posts: 16,017
12/21/12 9:31 A

Dr Oz's miracle for this month, eh?

Yet another thing many will spend their money on....

Posts: 2,667
12/21/12 9:25 A

what next?

Guess whatever someone pays him to promote

SparkPoints: (3,038)
Fitness Minutes: (105)
Posts: 48
12/21/12 7:57 A

Saw a segment on the internet and Dr Oz is promoting buying saffron extract for weight loss. He claims taking these pills cuts your apatite. Has anyone tried these pills and are they working for you? How long have you been on them? Thanks!

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