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The book says the program it is adaptable - it's not just for omnivores. It's just that the actual plan is vague on what to eat. I am totally on board with his timing and different weeks and what not, but not sure what I should sub for some of the meals. (It says in plan to make a substitution, but not of what it would be.)

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I don't have anything to add to what Anarie said. That covers it, IMO.

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I would say that if you're vegetarian, it doesn't make sense to use a diet book that isn't vegetarian. There are many, many healthy vegetarian eating plans, for weight loss or just general health. Use his exercise books/videos if you like them, and use a different diet plan that fits you better. (If the books try to tell you that you MUST use his diet if you're going to use his exercise, then the whole thing is a scam. I don't think his do that, though.)

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9/25/13 10:39 A

I have the book and have been planning to start, but each time I get ready to I wonder what exact modifications I can make as a vegetarian. I know the plan should be adaptable, but I don't want to substitute in the same stuff I've been eating all along. Anyone have great success with specific vegetarian choices they can share?

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