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8/19/12 6:39 A

Here's a link for a spark blog regarding sugars, very informative.

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8/18/12 10:36 A

I agree with Kris. A nutritionist would help outine your diet for you. Espeially since the doc has asked you to change your ways. Good luck

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8/18/12 7:26 A

This is easy enough to deal with, so long as you make your own food.

If, for example, you like stir-fries, rather than using oil, start the cooking process for the veges in the microwave and then put into the pan with a little water to create steam. Don't add any oil at all. I often do this. Fruit and veges have carbs, but a lot of the carbs are also fibre, and the fibre doesn't get absorbed into the body like the starch and sugar part of carbs. Reduce the breads and white rices/pasta, and possibly increase the lean protein a little. Meats like chicken minus the skin, and turkey are excellent. Fish is also good, and generally the darker the fish the oilier it is, so I would be inclined to eat the white fish. I'm not sure about shell fish, but think that they would be better given a miss.

If you still have concerns, then ask your Dr for a referral to a Registered Dietitian so that you can get good qualified input as it pertains to you and YOUR health issues. Sometimes there are other health issues which need addressing connected to this, like Diabetes or alcohol consumption, so it is best that you go the Dietitian route.

Good luck,

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8/18/12 7:08 A

Hi Penney, congrats on reducing the amount of fats in your diet. I hope you don't mind but I took a peek at your nutrition tracker. I see a whole lot of fruit, although healthy also high in natural sugars perhaps contributing to your problem. I also see frosted shredded wheat cereal, which when I checked the nutritional value on your tracker shows no sugar, which is unlikely (I think the listing you are using has incorrect information, double check your food listing to the box).

My suggestion would be to thoroughly check the nutritional information you are using, compare the food listing here to what the actual label says. Once you're sure of the actual amount of sugar intake, print the information out to review with your doctor.

Hope this helps

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8/18/12 7:01 A


What did your doctor say about fresh fruit and veggies ? Yes, if you were to increase the amount of fruit and veggies you eat, that would increase the amount of carbs you eat. However, fresh fruit and veggies are loaded with the carbs our bodies need to be healthy.

If your doctor thinks your sugar intake is a bit high, you might take a closer look at the nutrition labels of some of the processed foods you eat. Highly processed foods are loaded with hidden sugars. You might want to read this recent Daily Spark Blog. you might find it helpful.

a person really can't go wrong increasing the amount of fresh fruit and veggies they ate. Did your doctor give any other guidelines other than eat low fat and less sugar ? One thing you might consider asking is for a referral to a dietitian. There are many wonderful doctors out there, but most really don't have a clue about nutrition. That's why if your doctor thinks you need to change what you eat because of your liver issues, maybe it would be worthwhile to talk to a dietitian.

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8/18/12 6:50 A

emoticon Because of liver issues, my Dr says I must eat low fat. Made that adjustment satisfactory, but now she is saying that sugar is a bit high and I must also adjust my carb in take. I need help in finding foods that fit both of those bills. Thanks emoticon

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