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2/6/12 12:26 A

I thought it was ridiculous. At first, it sounded like you could eat anything you wanted one day a week and still lose weight. NOT. A sensible 1400 calories, which is what a lot of us are aiming for everyday. I guess that's why it's called a teaser?

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2/5/12 8:16 P

I knew there was no way you would be able to eat 3000+ calories in one day and still lose weight even if it is one day a week and that's what made me curious enough to tune in.

The thing that got me was he tells these three women they can eat what they want one day a week and gives them money so they eat pastries, cookies & cheese fry's. Then once their on the show he has a table full of food you can eat on your Faturday and for breakfast you get 2 eggs in a whole wheat tortilla & 2 pieces of turkey bacon? you get turkey bacon on your faturday? What happened to eat whatever you want?

I stopped watching his show because of this I should have gone with my first instinct and turned it off...silly me.


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2/5/12 6:21 P

Ididn't see it, but I just read about it online. I've heard before about fooling your metabolism by varying your calorie intake, and it sounds like that, plus the claim about helping your thyroid. I don't know about that.

A confusing thing was, the women who observed Faturday all ate close to 3000 calories or over, then Dr. Oz' plan for Faturday was only 1300-something calories.

I've been disappointed other times by the teasers of what's coming up on Dr. Oz.

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2/5/12 6:00 P

Just curious if anyone watch Dr Oz last friday and what your opinion is?

I'm not a big fan but I was curious so I wanted to see what it was all about and I found it ridiculous.


"Genes load the gun and lifestyle pulls the trigger"

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