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OPUSEVA Posts: 1,332
3/18/11 3:43 P

Lots of ridiculous nonsense is passed around the internet these days. In order to gain some credibility, people will falsely attach some celebrity's name to it. Such is the case for this one.

As far as I can tell, searching Dr Oz's site, there is no mention of this old myth. Therefore I have to conclude that it's just more internet nonsense that has a celebrity's name falsely attached. Dr Oz should not be vilified for it. The harm comes from believing every silly email that comes along without checking it out. People have to realize that if something sounds ridiculous, it probably is.

Eat your fruit whenever you like. It doesn't make any difference. And remember that EVERYTHING you eat or drink becomes body temperature within a few seconds of swallowing. "Sludge" never happens.

ANDERKAT SparkPoints: (0)
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3/18/11 3:15 P

While it may not be necessary to eat fruit on an empty stomach only, or to never drink cold liquids with meals, the advice is not harmful in any way.

If you feel better by following harm-neutral diet advice, I say go-ahead. And, if it doesn't work for you, then don't do it. The trick is recognizing and avoiding following diet advice that may cause you harm.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
3/18/11 3:11 P

I think Dr. Oz is under Oprah's spell....he gets more sensational by the minute. I've pretty much lost all respect for what he says.

LIMONADE34 Posts: 925
3/18/11 2:44 P

Dr. Oz is nothing but a snake oil salesman. It makes me sad that people actually listen to the nonsense he perpetuates :(

NEEDTOBE145 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 305
3/18/11 8:52 A

Geezzz, I never even thought about eating fruits on an empty stomach. I just have a hard time eating the 5 servings of fruits and vegt much less when I eat them. Glad it is okay to put my banana on my Kashi and eat my strawberries and blueberries with my yogurt. I have to have something cold with my meals or I tend to cough!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

TMW54812 SparkPoints: (127,281)
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Posts: 1,594
3/18/11 8:45 A

Thank you all for responding to this question, especially Primal-lioness for pointing to snopes.

I will continue to have blueberries in my morning pancakes (made from non-fat cottage cheese and oats)and drink water with my dinner and lunch.

SP folks are AWESOME!

3/18/11 8:31 A

BUT there is no scientific proof or even research to support the statement that one should eat fruit on an empty stomach...
--some nutrients are better absorbed in combination...think of iron and vitamin C
--some nutrients decrease in absorption when taken in excess with another nutrient...think of excessive fiber intake.


MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
3/18/11 1:24 A

Well there are beliefs that we should eat fruit on an empty stomach because it helps to absorb most of the vitamins and nutrients?

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,587)
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Posts: 16,790
3/18/11 12:16 A

Food combining rules do say that you should eat fruit on an empty stomach, and by itself. And even then you combine certain foods together - not berries with grapes for instance, unless you also have something like apples and oranges.

Melons are considered a separate group and to be eaten separately from everything else.

I follow that as much as I can, and I find my digestive system is much happier.

I don't think it's required for everyone - like most things, we're not cookie cutters of each other so we have to do what works for us.

For ice water turning things to sludge - I've not read anything about that, but most things I read suggest to drink things closer to room temperature, but I've seen a lot more flexibility with liquid temperatures than food combining, when it comes to those sorts of rules.

I would say .... interesting, but do whatever you want.

HOTPINKCAMARO49 Posts: 20,378
3/17/11 11:32 P

Fruit is best eaten on an empty stomach.

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
3/17/11 10:51 P

I agree with Becky, he wants his 5 minute of famous.. And people eat what he says raw- I have no respect for him anymore..

3/17/11 10:11 P

Yeah I happen to be one of those people who drink lemon juice and hot water in the morning to get rid of gallstones so maybe Dr. Oz is right more than I thought.

ANNERODRIGUEZ8 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 4
3/17/11 9:18 P

I agree that Dr. Oz is more entertainment than true health advice. He is one of those types of people who suggests drinking lemon juice and water first thing in the morning to detoxify. Not sure I buy a lot of what he says, but some of it has to be true...a lot of it is pure sensationalism

DIANE7786 Posts: 4,900
3/17/11 9:00 P

I like Dr Oz because he gives a lot of interesting information. No one could do everything he suggests. I pick and choose the ones that make sense to me. If I'm not sure, I ask my doctor.

IPINTADO Posts: 525
3/17/11 8:37 P

Being an MD does not make a person a nutritionist! emoticon

3/17/11 8:31 P

I don't always get to listen to Dr. Oz, but...

there is NO scientific TRUTH to either of these statements

Dietitian Becky

TAHLBERG SparkPoints: (38,172)
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Posts: 7
3/17/11 7:32 P

I have heard these things also but not because of weight management but to obtain the most antioxidants. Don't know if it is true but since I heard it i have my kids eat the fruit as in between snack on empty stomach.

3/17/11 7:25 P

I happen to really enjoy Dr. Oz but he is not God nor do I believe everything he says. There are studies on top of studies about everything and you really just need to listen to your body to decide if it is good or bad for you. Personally I don't drink cold water most any time because I believe it shocks my system and even though some believe it helps you lose weight because your body burns calories warming it, I just don't think it is worth the negative aspects to burn a couple of extra calories, if indeed it does. If it was that great of a way to lose weight, then why not just run around in the snow naked for a couple of minutes that should take some calories to warm you back up LOL just a joke don't try it, that would definitely NOT be worth the negatives. As far as fruit, there are arguments on both sides, personally I eat it when my body says it wants it.

PRIMAL-LIONESS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (495)
Posts: 18
3/17/11 7:07 P

This is a proven myth and "urban legend".........

Honestly, I can't believe Dr Oz endorses this myth and fallacy and he doesn't endorse it.

THIRTEENREASONS SparkPoints: (40,767)
Fitness Minutes: (35,886)
Posts: 1,830
3/17/11 7:06 P

I don't think people should be focusing on micromanaging things like that. You'd think a doctor would just be happy that people are eating fruit rather than worrying about when they are eating it and what temperature they are eating it at.

I think, though, that people shouldn't take advice from a television program. I sure don't take life advice from Dr Phil, so why would I take dietary advice from Dr Oz?

YACHTSMAN SparkPoints: (1,548)
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Posts: 516
3/17/11 7:01 P

I think he can have decent information sometimes, but other times wonder myself about suggestions made. Nutrition writer Gary Taubes, whos book I enjoyed reading, was recently on his show, and wrote a little about being behind the scenes.

The Dose of Intervention and the Land of Dr. Oz

JENG829 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,729)
Posts: 791
3/17/11 6:45 P

I think eating fruit on an empty stomach is a quick way for me to get a migraine, from the blood sugar rollercoaster. I'm sure he has a good explanation, but through personal experience it is a disaster for me.

The fat turning to sludge... not sure I buy it. I mean, by the time the cold beverage gets to your stomach, doesn't it warm up? When I take a mouthful of cold water, it isn't that long before it is lukewarm. I'm starting to wonder about Dr. Oz.

What do other people think?

TMW54812 SparkPoints: (127,281)
Fitness Minutes: (94,411)
Posts: 1,594
3/17/11 6:38 P

What fo you think about Dr OZ view that you should only eat fruit on empty stomach (or many bad things happen)

and...never drink cold beverages with your meal (turns fats into sludge)

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