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9/9/12 9:09 A

Congratulations on your great success! emoticon

Lynn, St. Louis MO, USA

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9/9/12 7:55 A

That's a great start already!

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9/8/12 12:28 P


9/8/12 9:11 A

You are off to a good start! You are smart to realize that you might not loose that much weight every week, but keeping with the fitness and nutrition, as you have been, I'm sure you'll reach your goal. Keep up the good work!
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CLWALDRO Posts: 4,583
9/8/12 8:15 A

You can do it if you stick with the SP plan of healthy food choices, calorie control, staying active and exercising.
You will not loose 6 pounds per week but it will get you on the right path to your journey to better health. This is a lifestyle change with will have long lasting benefits for you emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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9/8/12 7:28 A

I've almost forgotten how good it feels to see the scale go in the right direction. After eating much healthier and exercising every day this week, it feels awesome to see some success. Now if only every week could be this motivating!

I'm hoping to be at my goal weight sometime between November and January, and at this rate, I really think I can do it!

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