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5/27/13 7:28 A

Hi KelliMichelle,
Maybe you can focus on something else other than weight. Are you stronger? More active? Feeling more positive in general? Remember that we're never really "done" because we want to be as healthy as we can for as long as possible, right? So try to think of your other recent milestones and give yourself a pat on the back. If that doesn't help, try making yourself a goal list or vision collage to inspire you and give you some ideas.
Hang in there!

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5/26/13 2:06 A

Maybe you don't feel like celebrating because you didn't need to lose a huge amount of weight in the first place. Since it was a 14 pound weight loss instead of 30 or 50 or more, you did not go through big changes. Just speculating.

Also, maybe you can find fulfillment in maintenance. For me, maintaining my goal weight for the past year and a half has been very fulfilling. It is something I never thought I could do, ever.

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5/25/13 9:33 P

My goal was to be 125lbs. Im at 124lbs... yet i dont feel.... Satisfied. I was looking forward to that feeling of accomplishment when i met my goal. I just dont feel "done" which makes me wonder if I will ever feel satified. emoticon

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