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1/15/13 5:38 P

Welcome to Spark! There are a lot of tools and resources available here to help us on our journey; my favorites are the fitness and nutrition trackers because the keep me on track and accountable every day. But the best part of Spark is the community, the people here are amazing!

As for tips to help combat hunger, I find eathing balanced and to be sure to include a complex carb, some protein and a little fat really helps keep me satiated. For example: raw vegetables with hummus or an apple with some natural unsweetened peanut butter make great snacks. Nuts are wonderful, but high in calories, so I use those in moderation. I find that by utilizing the nutrition tracker it really helps me keep on track and show me where I have room to add something if I'm hungry. Often "hunger" isn't really that I'm hungry but more it's about being bored or just out of habit to snack when I'm on the computer or watching tv and very often it's because I haven't had enough water (well use to be, I drink water all day now). So if I feel peckish I will have a big glass of water with a little lemon (flavor makes me think I'm having something other than water when I'm thinking food) and do something to distract myself like go for a walk.

Keep your goals in focus, put in the work and you will succeed!

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1/15/13 5:28 P

Right now I'm measuring & tracking everything I eat, but my goal is to be able to eat intuitively (eat when hungry - stop when full etc). I've been snacking on sweet bell peppers when I'm hungery - they are crunchy and low in calories :)

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1/15/13 3:37 P

HI, I'm Christy - love the spark people site...and I'm so done being fat! It has taken me a while to admit that I am FAT and unhealthy...I kept saying...oh it's only 10 more pounds...I'm ok. I just want to be healthy for my kids so that I can keep up with them, and doing this for me! So, this is day two and I'm already hungry...any tips? I have been drinking water and eating fruits and veggies and's like my body knows I'm trying to lose...and it's trying to keep the fat! UGH! Fat Fat go away!

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