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1/18/12 3:39 P

I have always wanted to donate, but due to anaemia, have never been able to. I believe all you need to do is make an appointment and show up. They may stick your finger for a couple of quick scans (to check for things like anaemia), then have you lay down while they take your blood. You will either be provided with some-thing to eat/drink after, or can take your own in order to avoid any potential light-headedness. The process is very simple. What you want to do is great -- if it hadn't been for people like you donating, my father would have died long before he did.


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1/18/12 3:28 P

It should be safe, but you might want to increase your caloric intake a bit to avoid getting weak or light-headed. It takes your body extra energy to replace the plasma that is removed.

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1/18/12 3:22 P

Do you donate plasma? I've never done it, but I'm just curious about what the process it like. And also, is it healthy to donate when losing weight?

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