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12/28/11 1:38 P

I have an app on my phone that says "cravings" usually last about 15 minutes. If you set a timer for 15 minutes, then you can give yourself time to relax and distract yourself, like you planned on doing.

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12/21/11 6:06 P

I read Dr. Phil's 7 keys to success and one suggestion I love and use is: "You can't eat that cake in the shower" Take a long shower until the urge passes. Shampoo, Lather, Rinse, Rerinse. Use a loofer with really nice smelling body was, use a pumice stone on the feet. Stretch in the shower in different positions. Brush your teeth, floss, rinse. Moisturize after the dry off. If that doesn't remove the urge to binge, than I have another suggestion.

Early in the morning make a huge salad of all your favorite things. When you get the urge, eat that salad and add cranberries, baked croutons(make your own, its cheaper, inadvance) and if you like cheese (low fat) or Reggiano Parmangano cut into baby cubes and your favorite lowfat dressing, add unsalted sunflower seeds. I say BINGE on the whole thing. You probally wont finish the whole thing.

Researcher say that Urge is a 20 min. thing and its gone. Eat the salad slowly.

Above all, make up for it with a 10-30 dancin in the dark. You are going to be fine, we all have BTDT. Keep up the great work. Its only a binge, not a lifestyle

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12/20/11 7:29 P

I know what works. The trick is to do it - before the binge starts. I'm feeling much better. N/star thanks for the post - and even more - thanks for such understanding. Its sort of comforting to know I'm not the only one who goes thru this.

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12/20/11 7:20 P

Boy I know that feeling. Some times it starts after I have eaten something yummy and I want more. Sometimes I am bored. Sometimes I am, as you say, antsy - jittery, maybe a bit aggravated, or putting off exercising. I have identified a number of triggers in food or lifestyle stuff. You are doing exactly what works - wait it out while distracting yourself. I also chew gum and even blow bubbles!

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12/20/11 7:18 P

Sounds like you are doing well! Be well and keep distracted. Can you go for a walk?

Hang in there and just know this will pass.


Coach Nancy

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12/20/11 7:03 P

Not hungry, just finished dinner. Just want to eat [junk].

First thing I did was write down the first word that came to mind and it was antsy. The next was eat. I'm using the computer as a diversion and will drink a glass of water. Actually I did finish what was left in my water bottle. I do feel myself getting calmer. Don't have that "I really want something" just still not quite calm.

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12/20/11 6:53 P

Hi Nomi,

Is this because you aren't hungry but you feel like eating or that you aren't hungry and can't eat?

Coach Nancy

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12/20/11 6:41 P

I'm thinking of eating. why? not quite sure. I feel "antsy". Not sure what is going on and don't want to eat until I figure it out. I thought I'd come here as a diversion. I"m going to drink a glass of water and wait it out. I can do it.

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