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3/3/14 1:54 A

1 slice of a large sausage onion, and pineapple pizza would be

234 calories
8.3 grams of fat
4.4 grams saturated fat
27.6 grams of carbohydrate
2.5 grams of fiber
15 grams of protein
18.5 mg cholesterol
431.5 mg Na.

That is per slice.

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3/3/14 1:32 A

J2, The SBarro slice is probably comparable. Don't make this a common practice, though. Plan a little better next time to avoid the urges. If you find yourself out with some friends and you are kind of stuck... go thin and green with light cheese if possible. Thin crust, green toppings, light cheese. That's your best bet unless you go with a salad. Just remember... you've made the decision to improve your life. Make progress and lock the progress in with conscious decisions. You can keep moving forward toward your goals even with the occasional failure. You are human. Process the failure, learn from it, and keep moving forward. You can plan your meals ahead of time on here.... see if that helps. In case you forgot... KEEP MOVING FORWARD! lol

3/2/14 6:56 P

I have foun staying AWAY from pizza works best for me! :)

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/1/14 8:22 P

OK - so it's a mom and pop NY Style pizza joint. Your closest is Sbarro:

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3/1/14 7:07 P

Thanks, I am so bound and determined to loose weight and start a new life style of eating. I'm doing so good, I don't want to go off path. I'm really going crazy about making sure I measure everything to stay in my calorie range.

3/1/14 7:01 P

What I do is find a similar food from a major chain. This is assuming I cannot find the nutrition facts of the specific food. This most often happens to me when I eat at a local place. While it might not be exact it would be fairly close.

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3/1/14 6:50 P

Went to a place called Geos pizza

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/1/14 6:36 P

What kind of pizza? Frozen? From a chain like Pizza Hut? NY style mom and pop joint? Homemade?

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3/1/14 6:30 P

I had 2 slices of pizza w/ Italian assuage onion and pineapple and I don't know how to log it. I want to keep track of every thing I'm doing and now I'm stuck! HELP PLEASE!!!

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