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JOISIEE Posts: 195
2/2/12 12:26 A

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions.

Never2late2soar, the plants are a brilliant idea for all the little goals along the way to the big ones. I always have trouble justifying speding x-amount on this or that plant, but if I look at it as a reward for a particular accomplishment, I don't have to second guess my expense. The more expensive ones can be for the tougher goals, and I can decide once I achieve the goal how much of a reward I have earned.

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2/1/12 9:47 P

I reward myself with new workout dvd's. If you go to there are video clips of each dvd. Since you like weight training, how about Jari Love or Les Mills Pump from Beachbody?

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2/1/12 3:16 P

Magazine subscription
Writing class
Nook or Kindle ereader
Kitchen scale

2/1/12 3:14 P

How about some special new plantings for your garden or a trip to a nearby botanical garden? How about a beautiful travel book with lots of pictures in it? You might not be able to go now ,but it would encourage you to think about possibilities for the future and maybe even to start saving small amounts now.

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LUZITAE Posts: 116
2/1/12 2:58 P

First of all, congratulations. I totally understand that it is hard to 'Splurg' on things that we should be doing. But lets face it, we do deserve to reward ourselves. I rewarded myself with a mani/pedi JUST FOR MYSELF. Usually, my 2 older daughters end up tagging along. This time, I took care of myself. My suggestion, take up a movie with a girlfriend

JOISIEE Posts: 195
2/1/12 2:41 P

I was updating my signature today to reflect my new goals based on the results of my latest doctor's appointment and bloodwork, and if you look at my signature below, you will see that I really don't know how to reward myself. The rest of this message tells you more about me, maybe more than you want to know, but I would still appreciate your suggestions even if you don't have time to read it all.

The way I was brought up, you didn't get rewards for doing what you're supposed to do. My chores - dishes twice a week, vacuum the living room once a month, fold my own laundry - didn't garner me an allowance or any rewards. They were how I earned my keep. My parents earned their keep by keeping me fed, clothed, and sheltered. My brothers all had their own chores until they got jobs and started paying board or moved out.

I know I am supposed to eat right and exercise, and I really am trying my best. Health, energy, vitality, and self-confidence (as well as looking good and buying nice clothes since none of us is without some vanity) should be their own reward, the natural consequences of eating right and exercising.

But let's face it. We humans are greedy, selfish, small, mean, little beasts inside, no matter how hefty we get, and we want to be rewarded for achieving milestones. I have such a loooong way to go until I am fit and healthy that if I don't have other rewards in between, I'll never make it.

You can see my goals in my signature below. So far I have thought of one reward, and that's purely practical. I need new walking shoes b/c the sneakers I am wearing are beat to death, BUT if I don't stick with the walking, what's the point of investing in the shoes? I figure if I can build up to 3mph/30min/3x a week, I'll have made it a habit and will stick with it.

At 50 pounds lost I plan to get a new laptop, and at 75 pounds lost I'll get my car professionally detailed. I've got the first two major milestones covered, but I have no idea what to do in between. I don't want clothes. I could lose about 10 dress sizes before I run out of clothes that fit. I don't go in for jewellry. Food/dinner is out for obvious reasons.

So, I'm sending out a plea to you, SparkPeople, to give me some ideas for rewards for my achievements. I like flower gardening. I like to read and write (obviously). I like cooking. I like to travel, but only work part time and care for an elderly parent so resources and opportunities are limited. Once I meet my current goals, other goals will be something to do with strength training, the Spark 5k Your Way Challenge, further weight loss (I started at 388 pounds), and wayyyy in the future, getting off bp and type II diabetes medication.

I will be grateful for any and all suggestions.

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