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11/20/12 9:06 P

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and enjoys their holidays rather than stress about them.

We can enjoy the Holidays, and lose weight.

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11/20/12 8:40 P


DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/20/12 2:13 P

Yup, I've gotten on that soap box myself on this site. I agree with everything you said and more. People on the weight loss journey seem so scared to face the holidays. But as you said, it is 1-3 meals and maybe a party or two thrown in for good measure. That leaves you lots and lots of days to do the healthy thing.

SARAHF1988 Posts: 603
11/20/12 1:49 P

I love this post! I don't know why people assume it's OK to put on loads of weight over the holidays - it really takes a lot of effort to gain more than a couple of lbs!

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11/20/12 2:48 A

Amen! Those are some great tips/reminders. Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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11/20/12 1:20 A

Ok, we are all on a Journey to be Healthy and some are on the journey to weight loss.

No matter where you are on that journey- at your goal, near your goal, or just started, the Holidays don't have to derail you.

Remember, it takes an extra 3,500 calories to equal 1 lb. That usually will not happen in one meal. The reason people get Holiday weight gain isn't 1-3 Holiday Meals (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years) it's because they stop all their healthy steps on all the days in between. They use the excuse "I don't have time to exercise or track my food":

But do you know that 30 minutes of exercise is just 2% of your day, and 1 hour is only 4%?

Also, it's ok to allow yourself a few more calories on Holiday dinners, it's not good to extend that all week and weekend long!

Here's a few tip to Thwart Holiday weight gain, the holidays don't have to derail you:

1. Set a goal and make it a priority. (write it down!-if it's to maintain your weight, lose 4 lbs, go to the gym 3 times a week-whatever write it down)

2. Make your extra bonus meals or treat meals Once a week, not every day during the holidays- like if you know your work holiday party is Friday, don't indulge in Holiday cookies on Monday.

3. Know your calorie range (sparkpeople can make that for your weight loss goal) and try to stay on the low end of it on non-Treat days. that way, you'll have an extra 750 calories to use that meal without gaining weight. (if your range is 1200-1450 calories, stay near the 1200 at least 3 days before that meal)

4. THIS IS KEY: Eat a healthy breakfast and a healthy snack before going to holiday dinners/parties. that way you won't be so hungry and overindulge.

5. Step up your fitness program. Don't have time? Then step up your STEPS on your pedometer, add 2,500 steps, and you will likely burn 100 extra calories to help overcome any holiday goodies)

6. Track your food on Non holiday days, keep weighing/measuring weekly and keep drinking your glasses of water, getting your rest and taking vitamins.

If you do have a bad day/weekend don't let it be an excuse to give up entirely, just take a sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle: on the left side write down what you did that wasn't according to plan, things you want to improve, the forgive yourself for it (we are all human!) on the right side- the most important side: Write your goals again and then write down what you WILL do going forward and then stick to it.

You can do this!

Can I get a "Amen" to this, or a "Yeah Baby!" ?!

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