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2/16/12 7:30 P


Thanks for the best wishes. Wow, your weight lost is amazing and must have taken some hard work, good on you!

I had my final summer school exam yesterday, so now I have a few days off before I start back at uni. I hope the good weather lasts, it would be nice to get some gardening in before its back to work.

I think this month I might achieve the 500 fitness minutes goal; I have achieved the 250 fitness minutes goal November 2011-February 2012, but this will be the first 500 one. I really enjoy exercise now, feeling myself getting fitter and stronger, yay!


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2/15/12 11:45 P

wishing you the best on your journey emoticon

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2/15/12 4:59 P


Thanks for the reply and the book recommendation, I may have to check it out.

I am happy with my 0.4lb (2/5lb) a week weight loss target though, so I'm going to stick with that for now.

All the best with your weight loss and health goals emoticon


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2/15/12 11:54 A

Read "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT " by Gary Taubes' and learn how to drop that excess fat a lot faster than 1/4# a week. He says we need it off our bodies as it is NOT just "there" but the fatty acids has an effect on our bodies in causing inflammation. It is a really great book that opened my eyes to HOW and WHY sugars/starches spike my INSULIN and that stores fat, and then the stomach pumps out GHERLIN, the hunger hormone and I crave more sugars/starches. Really a good book that I got at the library. He has clips on YouTube.

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2/14/12 11:32 P

Hello, my name is Anita, and I’m on a quest for health improvement. I have started this journal to record my progress.

A little about me; I am currently a student, majoring in Psychology (I particularly enjoy health and forensic psychology). I live with James, my partner of 13 years and our two cats in a small city. At a highest weight of 211lbs in 2002-2003, I lost over 20lbs and have maintained this for almost a decade. However, the 20 extra pounds I also lost over this period were harder to keep off.

I have noticed my weight creeping up again, so I really need to take action. I want to lose 58lbs over more than two and a half years, to get to a healthy weight of 130lbs; I have set a goal of 0.4lbs per week (-200 calories every day).

I have already improved my lifestyle through the years by eating more nutritious foods and exercising regularly, although I could benefit from adding more vegetables and drinking more water. My biggest problem is that I eat too much of - on the whole - good food. I need to watch my calorie intake and track my food and exercise on Spark as often as I can.

So, this is day one toward my goal, my goal date is currently Wednesday 26 November 2014.


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