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Thanks for the tips on strengthening and stretching. My coach also tells me to add stretching and strengthening before and after swimming to strengthen my body.

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Thanks! :)

Swimming is really a great workout. It works for your whole body and not just a certain part, since it utilizes your upper body strength and lower body as well.

Turbo Fire is a newer workout DVD. It's sort of like a more advanced version of Turbo Jam. They have different types of workouts if you buy the DVD set. It's really good. They not only have various cardio workouts, but they also have core workouts for strengthening.

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It is really wise if you are able to find an activity you love that is also good cardio exercise! Not only do you have great reason to look forward to your workout as "me time" it can also be good motivation to keep up with the rest of your fitness routine. Ideally, you should also do some full body strength training and some stretching/flexibility work. Strength training with weights is an excellent complement to swimming as it has bone density benefits that you miss doing a nonweight bearing exercise, and it will strengthen your body so you can swim even better. Also since you are losing weight, it helps you preserve your muscle as people tend to lose muscle along with fat while losing weight if not strength training. Sorry, I guess that is a fitness chore but the good news is you can find ways to keep it efficient so it is not taking away much of your pool, school and social time. If you do full body exercises that challenge multiple muscle groups at once you can get a whole body workout in about 30-40 minutes and you would only need to do this 3 times a week (2 could work in a pinch but 3 is generally better for results).

I'm all for doing what one loves for exercise. I have a few active hobbies (including swimming) and rarely, if ever, spend time on the cardio machines. My cardio time is also my fun time so it is easier to stick with it.

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Oh I LOVE swimming and I've always been told it's one exercise that works your whole body. I wish we had an indoor pool here on base because I'd love to do some laps after the eliptical. Kudos to you for getting back to it!

Also is Turbo Fire one of the Turbo Jam videos?

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10/5/11 9:50 A

I used to exercise using Turbo Fire for almost 3-5 days a week. But I haven't exercised in a while because I've been preoccupied with school activities. Back when I was in 3rd year high school, I was very active in a swim team. Swimming was my all time favorite sport. But when I entered college, I stopped swimming because it might conflict with my class schedule. But recently, I've realized that I really miss it. And just last September 21, Wednesday, I did it. I went back to swimming! :) It felt incredible to swim again. It was very tiring but I always had this satisfied feeling after. I love it! :) AND the best part is, since I started swimming, I have lost 7 pounds!!! :)

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