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2/7/13 1:23 P

Often when you make a change that should force the range one way, and it goes the other way, that means that the other way has been needed all along but you didn't know because you didn't force a recheck.

It's a good idea to recheck your range every 10-15lbs lost by going to the 'change' link for the weight goal and saving that page.

However, now that your range has changed, and so significantly down, especially with a new more intense workout program, I would start to look at your goals. Is your goal date actually reasonable? Have you lost weight a little less fast than originally planned? It might be that you need to push your goal date out more to make a more realistic loss goal for you.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,549
2/7/13 12:14 P

Your calorie range is based on the following things: calories burned goal, how long you've given yourself to lose the weight, current weight and goal weight. So if any of those other thigns changed, that could be why your range went down.

I'm not sure how much you've set the program to lose per week, but it's going to take a very large change in calories burned to make it go up if you've set it closer to 2 lbs/wk. If you set it to 1 lb per week, my guess is that your range will go up. It sounds like you need to be eating more based on your activity level.

Coach Jen

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2/7/13 11:34 A

I just updated my fitness goals from burning 1600 calories per week to 2700 which is what SP calculates my insanity workouts to burn but I think its more. When I did this SP changed my range LOWER, 1200-1500. That can't be right. If I upped my calories burned it should have upped my calories right?

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2/7/13 11:17 A

The more you exercise, yes, the more fuel you need.

Update your fitness goals with your current fitness activity, and Sparkpeople may change your range.

And check out this thread, full of people who ate more and started losing. :)

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2/7/13 11:12 A

I borrowed Insanity from a friend so I don't have the eating plan with it but I've heard its about 1600 calories a day? SP has my range set 1500-1850. All last week, which was week three of my Insanity workouts, I ate in the 1500 range and the scale got stuck and hasn't moved since. Is it a plateau already or do you think its cause I didn't eat enough last week? This week I've been closer to 1800 but that's only because DH brought home some cookies I've had trouble staying away from so its not exactly quality that has filled the gap. I don't have a heartrate monitor but I doubt I burn the 1000 calories per workout that they advertise. Its still an intense workout so maybe I should eat more, or at least try for the upper end of my SP range?

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