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9/29/12 9:21 A

Keep going.

Listen to the series on YouTube. THE SKINNY ON OBESITY with Robert Lustig M.D.

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9/28/12 4:28 P

that's are well on your way,keep up all your hard work.keep at it and you will be at your goal weight,before you know it. emoticon

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9/28/12 4:26 P

For the majority of my life my weight was high and only increased, until my early to mid 20s. Then I started eating better, being more active and actually paying attention to portion sizes (and not eating what the men who were half a foot taller than I were). That was a HUGE transition for me. Then I added exercise. All in all I lost 100+ LBS later and you would think I would have everything in place to not screw up. WRONG!!!! I am only up 10 lbs but I can not go backwards when I still have a little bit further to go. Now for the 3rd time as I am getting ready to depart my 20's, I am having to reboot my relationship with food and remind myself AGAIN why I leave the comfiness of home to workout (plyometrics on the 2nd floor of an apartment building is a no-no). This time I am going to put extra fail safes in place. I am finding that I am a huge stress eater and with my husband out of work from April til .... (anyone hiring ?? ::crickets::), life is very stressful.
I joined SparkPeople about a month ago and have spent this month working on everything above. Now here is where I add my fail safe, joining the boards. If I can journal about life, food or exercise then I think I can manage keeping up as best as humanly possible with all 3. We'll see.. Wish me luck =)

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